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As a happy owner of the AV10 I share and reply with this photo :slightly_smiling_face:


That looks nice.

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I want to buy the room.

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Gentlemen, I didn’t specify that it’s not mine. :laughing:
I would love to buy it too, it looks fantastic! :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone have an opinion on the WAF?

Not great pictures, but still:


I haven’t heard them, but they’re pretty.


I like them also.

But every time I look at them I see fish, or dolphins or something (?).



You would probably have the same reaction to Mola Mola gear, and that is intentional.

Although only at shows, I’ve heard Zesto gear many times. I’ve always felt Zesto came away with among the most natural sounding rooms. I’d just sit there and think “this room sounds wonderful”. George Counnas and his wife Carolyn being so warm and inviting is a nice addition.

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Several years ago I heard a Zesto system with Sonus Faber speakers. It was memorable; sublime.

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Whales maybe.


I wanted to buy this turntable, I wasn’t even interested in listening to it. It just seems like art to me.


Clearaudio makes that turntable? I’m happy with my basic Pioneer Direct Drive, but I’ve lusted after a Clearaudio from the moment the dealer showed me “And, here, the bearing is entirely magnetic”.

Lust is a deadly sin, I’ve been told. Damn you Clearaudio and Rolex, damn you.


I think I posted an image of this kit before.

I don’t have a need for an integrated amplifier, but if I did…

It’s just plain gorgeous, I think.


pretty but she sure ain’t cheap


Dude—Direct Drive–It’s a thing, man. My next preposterous expenditure will be direct drive.

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Right? I think Reichert nailed it when he noted that they have a propulsive “drive” that belt tables can’t always match. I do wish for a better tonearm some days though.

We always want what we don’t have I suppose. That being said I won’t be making changes any time soon.

“ Yes, people, the Pioneer PLX-1000 plays music like a high-torque direct-drive record-playing machine. That is why I enjoyed it so much. It gave tangible force and soulful energy to pop, R&B, jazz, and electronica. Belts can’t touch the PLX-1000’s excitement, naturally formed detail, and clearly expressed forward momentum. And who could have imagined? This new Pioneer also showcases the complex tonal character and elegant structures of classical music better than any affordable belt-drive I’ve experienced. So . . .

That’s me you see, standing on my Bed-Stuy stoop, waving my hands and entreating you: “Give up your prejudices! You have nothing to lose but your dried-out ol’ rubber bands!” Pioneer’s new PLX-1000 is not only a worthy successor to the legendary Technics SL-1200MK2, it is a serious contender for the best audiophile-grade turntable for less than $2000. Unabashedly recommended.”

(And THAT is how I met your mother)


Aura Hifi Show


This caught my eye:

More info./pictures/review here: