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Rather than continue to intrude upon the Photography thread, I thought I would start a new one. This is not the place for your system photos b/c I don’t want to impose upon that thread either. (However, if you have a knock out picture of a single piece of kit in your system, please post away.)

Instead, please post images of Hi-Fi kit or rooms that strike your fancy. The quality of the photography is secondary to highlighting something that caught your eye. Without further ado, here is my initial contribution:

This popped up in my Facebook feed - posted by HighEndAudioAuctions.*

*Shindo Laboratory Vosne-Romanee L Preamplifier


Love this!

Keeping with the Shindo theme…



Hoe do Shindo think they can compete with that cosy fireplace? Is it an attempt to improve their WAF?

REL is going Old-School; and I like it.

A couple of subwoofers are in my system evolution plan. Might have to place this on the short list. More info. (and pictures) here:

I hope they introduce more/bigger models. I would like to have at least 500 watts and one or two 12" down firing drivers in a bigger box that otherwise looks like this first offering.

Fun fact: from raw honesty and authenticity Rel interprets modern into veneer.
Hopefully, the product wil prove to be more than skindeep.


“Mid-century modern” featured veneered plywood prominently. Take the Eames’ products for example. I agree that in principle, veneer doesn’t spring to mind when using words like “honest” and “authentic,” but in this context it’s appropriate.


At least they’re transparent. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hopefully, the sound is as well - so to speak.


I’m guessing a lot of folks (like me) struggle with gloss finishes (dust! Today we have dust from the Sahara being dumped on the UK).
Recently bought a TT, choice of gloss white, gloss black, or “old man 70s finish”, rather like that REL above. I went for the latter, for the matt/satin finish, at least that’s my story :slight_smile:
Lot of us have fond memories of that old 70s gear, I think the manufacturers have spotted the trend.


p.s. if you want 70s “retro” style, you can do a lot worse than seek out pictures of Quad’s preamps, esp the 33 and 34 - gorgeous looking old units :slight_smile:

If REL really wants to revive retro with the Classic 98, they’d be using the class A/B plate amp that IMHO put REL on the map for audiophiles with music only systems. It was the discriminator that turned me into a REL believer. The company proved that sheer power isn’t necessary for deep, pitch correct bass reinforcement. The quality of the amp and crossover is what matters.

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From a design and construction viewpoint, veneers are desired over solid wood construction. They have a better strength-to-weight ratio and have less tendency to warp. All speaker manufacturers that I am familiar with use veneers. Further, they can be more easily shaped, resulting in the luscious curves you see in modern furniture.

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True. Then again, veneers may prove vulnerable at corners and sides. Subs are smaller stand alone boxes easily bumped into. E.g. when doing vacuüm cleaning, etc.
All that said, I’m curious why the picture shows what looks like solid wooden boards on top and bottom with rounded sides that offsets a little from the main body: not the typical choice for an all veneer design, but logical when only the sides have a veneer.

All very true. Veneers are necessary in construction of lots of consumer goods. But that doesn’t shake the commonly held misconception that solid wood is always better. “Authentic” is often a lazy substitute for “traditional,” a descriptor that itself changes as each day passes.


A - C Plywood…

Consider most products, including speakers, etcetera, are made of MDF/veneer. Plywood is usually used when a board with (more) structural features is required. Veneer lends itself to meticulous craftsmanship, required for e.g. our lovely rigs. Plywood not so much.

with A-C plywood the outer grade of the plywood is graded “A” in appearance…aesthetically, can be exquisite like any solid wood

inner layers don’t focus on looks…

AND, A-C plywood doesn’t lend itself to warping over time as would wood…and more durable than (solid) wood, especially in most adverse climates…

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I couldn’t agree more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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TIDAL Contros

Very “pretty”.

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