High efficiency speakers, low efficiency speakers

Yes, I am with Baldy. It’s great to see Chris spend some of his valuable time sharing with our community. Aside from the fact he’s one of the brightest people I have ever met, one of his great traits is the amazing depth and wealth of his knowledge. I’ve so far not been able to stump him on anything from audio history to why some designs work and others don’t. He’s also never swayed by a brand’s backstory or how revered they may be in the audio world.

I for one am often blinded by the story or sometimes the history behind a particular product. Kind of like the way we feel around movie stars or people of importance. It’s hard to think of them as just people (at least for me). I am always in awe of someone who sees past that aspect of people or designs and digs right down to the essence of the entity, be it speaker or person.

That’s Chris and we’re all the wealthier for his sharing.


Thanks, Paul. I didn’t mean for this to be a treatise on why Zu speakers are bad or something and more of discussion on the design compromises for high efficiency and full ranges etc.


Good idea Chris!
Can’t wait to hear your speakers.

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Thank you Chris great read. I guess I went slightly off subject as you all really discussing woofers and I went into the topic of subwoofers. I really enjoy reading these forums, always very interesting.

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