Klipsch RP600M capability

Klipsch specs:
Two-way, rear-ported, stand-mounted loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" (25mm) titanium-dome tweeter with hybrid cross-section Tractrix horn; 6.5" (165mm) Cerametallic-cone woofer. Crossover frequency: 1.8kHz. Frequency response: 45Hz–25kHz, ±3dB. Sensitivity: 96dB/W/m. Impedance: 8 ohms. Power handling: 100W continuous, 400W peak.
Dimensions: 15.7" (400mm) H by 8" (200mm) W by 11.9" (300mm) D.

That ALL being said and NOTED.
A) all the well respected audio sites state 89 db as tested, not 96
(which is exponentially different by 7db, noting it takes 2x the total power to gain 3db), so if you have both these speakers driven by a 100wpc, at 89, you would need 2 amps, and 2 additional speakers at 100wpc to go from 89 db to 92 db

All that aside, my real question is… I’ve already have blown 4 sets of speakers due to the driver melting down, meaning open circuit

My amp is a 20 old onkyo, slated for its day for 7.1 surround sound, each channel rated at 110 RMS (meaning continuous power)

I spoke with Klipsch on the phone to verify that my amp (onkyo model HT-R940) wouldn’t blow them noting the amp at 110 watts vs the 100W spec on the speakers,

They said the following " you will go deaf before you blow these speakers"
I felt VERY confident not only in that reply but also their 5 yr warranty.

WELL, now I’m now working with my 4th set of speakers… (mind you they only honored the 1st 2 sets) they no longer respond to my emails or calls, and this all started 1 year ago

So, as this saga began I gave them DC offset values on my amp, AMPs and Volts drawn at peak, Absolutely everything and anything they needed to help my situation. They blew it all off when this all started and sent the second set.

But noting they rate these speakers as a 8 ohm “equilvent”
Truth be told, the impedance never gets close to 8 ohms …
As a matter of fact, the impedance actually drops to approximently 3.5 ohms at its cross over point at 1500 hz

yes i realize the dynamic rating is 300 watts, but the bottom line is it could be 500 watts, but it definitly can NOT handle the 100/ 110 watt continuous load.

ARE any of you experiencing this same condition. problem.

All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. TY

Additional notes: my receiver is in 2 speaker mode, not surround mode powering anything else.
2) I have a high powered fan blowing on the amp keeping it below 100 deg F (which is another topic in itself, i,e, meaning, when the amp gets to 120 to 125 deg, the sound quality drops easily by 20 to 40 percent) in my opinion, Amp temp is the ABSOLUTE, most important / 1st step to a “good” system… 3rd note, my amp does have both over-heat and excessive current draw protection breakers built in via factory.)

  1. both the 3rd and 4th set of speakers, from a volume standpoint -40 to +16, my max would only be +10

  2. all of you by now are probably saying my amp has problems/ issues, meaning over powering the speakers… nope, I had it proffessionally reviewed and it operates as factor specs

I’m sure as I think more, I might have more to add,
Please help if any of you have any comments / suggestions
Thank you

Welcome to the community @onkyoklypsch
I hope your next experience would be better.

I know nothing about your speakers or amplifier noted above, but I know very well that if a loudspeaker is rated for greater power handling than the amplifier, then the speaker can burn out if the amp is driven into clipping. This is why I usually get amplifiers that deliver x2 or x3 the maximum capacity of the speakers.

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3rd update:
As far as a combo with amp and speakers, when the work, they are absolutely OUTSTANDING, my great room is 30’ x 40’ with a 20’ ceiling, and with just those 2 speakers sounds like a concert hall!
(no lie)
But… more data… i have (2) newer versions of amps: A modern Pioneer rated at 7 x 140wpc and a newer Marantz, same specs, and these speakers connected to those amps sound like a $30 speaker bought from home depot for instance. not well paired at all, noting the previously 2 mentioned amps in their day were both close to $3000 in that day.

I really don’t get this… pls help.

p,s, I did find the exact model of my onkyo (new in box) that i;m going to test next… stay tuned

thank all of you again

Serhan, Thank you for responding… by no means am i arguing with you with the following statement, but everything ive heard and read states the opposite, meaning "buy a speaker that can handle 2x the power output of the amp "
i assume that means you wont blow the speakers? (that’s all good in theory, but it’s litterally black magic in the real world with respect to amp to speaker pairing, in my opinion)

“Any clipped signal has the potential to harm a speaker. It makes no difference if the signal in the system is clipped by the mixer, amplifier, or any other piece of audio equipment. Even if the amplifier is not operating at maximum capacity, the damage might occur.” The following links contain some useful info on the issue of clipping which could happen even when an amp is not driven to the max.

Clipping (audio) - Wikipedia

How to Fix an Amp That Clipping at Low Volume: Easy Fixes - Electric Verge

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You need La Scala AL5 or K-Horns! 24000 cubic feet room - it’s hardly surprising the small RP600M speakers expired driving such a large room to concert hall sound levels.


I’ve had a 7 speaker / (2) 12" subs in this same room prior, and no only me, but all my visitors state the same.

Hence my question, did I find the “Exact” match for these speakers with this particular onkyo amp? (assuming I dont go max volume)

I still don’t understand why the better brands/ and output of the other 2 receivers I own sound so bad, it make no sense to me

I read both the links you sent me entirely…

I know I definately not under powering the speakers. cuz I used to have it at max vol for 2 hours straight

more over, the wikipedia link , on clipping, which i very familar with in an older car audio system i had… it clips the high frequency… i.e. the tweeter… my tweeters are fine… its the woofer/ that blows, which isn’t in that frequency range as i understand it , noting the cross over is set at 1500 hz
any other ideas? i appreciate you helping me… thank you

i did test my set up using the 1000 hz signal,
at vol 10 the input amps were about 5 amps, and almost 30 volts, hence, 150 watts on each side at the steady 1000 hz signal…

so that when on set 3 and 4 i din’t turn the vol up more than the +10 setting

This is all what I know about the topic :wink:
I wish you good luck with your next choice of speakers + amplifier


Dirk, another thing i find as odd, is I downloaded to different apps on my phone to measure Dba, I did my best to calibrate them per their specs in a quiet room,

playing ramstein, via alexa, thru just those to klipsch speakers at max vol, before they obviously blew,
both dba meters read exactly the same at … believe it or not 105 db.

trust me they are loud and clear with the amp below 100F but ,
105 db makes me want to buy a dedicated / calibrated meter to verify… again, im not arguing … im just either completely amazed, or the exact opposite, completely disappointed

it seriously frustrating
thanks for your help by the way

Serhan, thanks again for your comments and suggestions,
but I’m the type of guy that just cant throw all this aside,

Im determined to understand the root cause of all these variables :slight_smile:

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hence the reason I bought another identical amp as new to elimate that as a variable

Dirk, I just looked up the 2 speakers you recommended … I love them… do you have $14K you can loan me? lol

I don’t have any solutions, but your posts prompt some questions:

  1. Are you saying you’re listening at a sustained 105dB? That’s guaranteed to cause hearing damage. Even peaks that high will deafen you over time, given repeated exposure.
  2. After the second set of speakers failed, why did you go back a third and a fourth time? When Klipsch was still talking to you, did you tell them this is how you listen? I’d be curious to hear their reaction.
  3. You seem committed to using an HT receiver. Have you considered a high quality dedicated 2-channel amp with a lot of headroom?
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Playing the speakers at loud (extreme) levels the energy applied to the voice coil(s) winds up as heat, which isn’t a problem at normal listening levels when it can be dissipated by the air around it. But at high power levels, heat builds up faster than it can be dissipated -and, if these high levels are maintained, somethings got to give. Usually, it’s the voice coil. It melts, taking the insulation separating the windings along with it. At high levels one’s ears close down and as this happens there’s a tendency to increase the volume further and / or increase the bass if the amplifier has tone controls…this then kills the voice coils.!

I used to own RP600M, Heresy IIIs, Cornwall IIIs and Cornwall IVs. I now use La Scala AL5s (see my profile photo) and Heresy IVs so I am very familiar with Klipsch speakers. There’s no-way I could enjoy listening to RP600M at concert hall levels. Being honest, I seldom play music loud…!


You mentioned your speakers but you didn’t mention your amp. Your handle says Onkyo…
but Onkyo had many models…so what do you have?

OOOOooops sorry my bad didn’t see you had posted that you have aa 20 yr old Onkyo receiver…

Another thing then is is your receiver’s amp still at performance specs…
Might need recap power supply etc

Best wishes

A photo would tell us a lot about the set-up and how it fits the room. Serhan’s discussion regarding clipping gives you insight as to what is most likely causing the problem. I get the notion your present system isn’t up to the task to provide the experience you seek in your space. Dirk’s suggestion of investing in more capable speakers, Klipsch Lascala AL5s is a good starting point. To get further meaningful assistance knowing your budget and goals will be most beneficial. Not being mean, but honestly the Klipsch RPM 600 are not going to cut it based on what you are telling us.


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Those are the speakers the OP is pushing to 105dB with 100-wpc home theater receivers? It’s clearer now why he’s having a problem.