My apologies for not adding this to the previous thread on Windows Server 2012 but I could not find it.

I have been using this software (Highend-Audiopc.com) for over a month and I must say it is a very significant improvement in SQ. Previously it required Windows Server 2012 R2 . The lastest release 1.25 now supports Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2. What this mean is instead of $700 for the OS it is more like $400

In my opinion this is an incredibly cheap upgrade given the improvement in SQ.

The company has offered to free updates to this $120 Euro software since March. Each one has has something very tangible either in ease of use or SQ improvements.

I, like some others have stated, am in a position were I have a hard time believing that Direct Stream is going to significantly improve my SQ.

Only a couple of more weeks before we get to find out for sure


I was just checking this product page out. Have you tried it with both the standard and essentials editions of Win server? I ask b/c the core assertion (haha) is that a huge benefit can be had from running the OS in core mode, which essentials of course cannot do - so the question is how much it matters, or whether the product disable a sufficient number of unnecessary services, processes, drivers etc. to get most or all of the supposed benefit. This is tempting to me, not least because I have been out of my full-time career as a network administrator for a few years now, so I would not mind an excuse to familiarize myself with current server versions. But I was also thinking about trying the Linux version of J River on Debian Wheeze (which has the advantage of being free, of course.) Anybody done the comparison?

Good point bob I did not know that . The manual shows there is special funtionm to optimize Server Essentials. Maybe they do some magic to simulate Core Mode. I am using Windows Server becaue I still have aTechNet subcription. I would email the company and ask that specific question or post to this forum



Magicknow, thanks. I will give that a shot, or send a note to the developer. BTW I haven’t had a technet/MSDN subscription in a while, sadly, but it looks like the OS-only version is cheaper than a non-OEM license for Windows Server Standard…do you know if I am missing something here?

I am not sure about pricing Bob

Also the Technet subcription is beng discontinued unfortunatly

This is a long-overdue follow-up - I got slowed down by traveling and then the forum software upgrade. Anyway: I have spoken via email with Audiophil, who is very responsive and helpful. He assured me that Win Server Essentials 2012 R2 can indeed be kicked into core mode, however, it is undocumented. But his code fully utilizes core mode with Essentials. So this is very good for those of us who would rather not spring for Standard Edition. That’s the good news. The bad news (well, for me, at the moment) is that I downloaded an eval copy of Essentials only to discover that for those of us running versions of Intel desktop MB’s (which would be many people who built a version of CAPS servers) Intel has, in their infinite corporate wisdom, not made any LAN drivers available for Win Server for these boards. There is a hack, which I can post the link to, but so far I haven’t been able to get it to work. I think a clean install might but I’m not gonna have much time these next few weeks so I elected to re-use an old license for Win 7 pro for the moment and return to Essentials later. Obviously one can also stick a NIC card into the server too, I just am really rushed right now so it will have to wait.

I remain extremely curious to give a listen to this product with any server version… maybe I can do this in a few weeks when I visit PSA in Boulder? (Hint, hint. :))

I too am very interested in this. I ordered the whole shabang with this . It will not be here in all it’s PC,s for awhile. I have read on several forums it is a worth while purchase .audiophil is really helpfull . He put a no holds barred system together and I ordered and payed for it . The only item I have not chosen is to use a second PC for control . I will use jremote for now. What case have you used ?

when you say no drivers you mean on the mother network port correct . I did order a MSI mother board anyway .



I built a somewhat modified CAPS v3 Zuma - differences over the computereaudiophile.com version (which you can see at http://www.computeraudiophile.com/how-is-ted-coding-the-fpgaent/497-computer-audiophile-pocket-server-c-p-s-v3-zuma/) being that I used a slightly newer Intel DH87RL motherboard and two 2.5" HD’s instead of SSD’s. It is obnoxious what Intel did re not releasing network drivers for Windows Server for their desktop boards… but yes, your assumption is correct, all you have to do is stick in a riser card and a NIC card of your choice. I am just only in the country for two weeks at the moment and don’t have half an hour of extra time, so it will have to wait. The machine runs great though, plenty of power and the CPU core temp is steady at 40-42 degrees celsius under load, which is beautiful.

Anyway, if I were doing it again, I would choose a MB from a company other than Intel. Just make sure it will work with the Streacom case, if that’s what you use. Obviously I can switch out the board but being lazy and not wanting to have to deal with installing the heat pipes again I think I’ll just leave it in and put in a second NIC card. Also I am currently using the Pico power supply with its stock external brick, but do plan to buy or build something better when I get around to it.

Thanks. I will,list the parts I have ordered. It’s funny I am good with CPU,s . I can build and setup and CPU based audio , at first it kicked my but . Now jriver and me are buds hahaha but this server is different I am glad I went with highend audiophil so I have some support .

I did get three dc PSU ,s. And fan less with the tubes like your case. Xeon chip but on a MSI mother board as he picked out. So many people swear by this stuff so I will try it. I also have a MSB full,stack with UMT plus , but I am told that it will improve this over USB front the new server. We will see.



And the hp2800 all black

it looks similar to yours . This stuff is not cheap though hahaha


Looks great!!! BTW the drive brackets they show on the bottom of the page also can be very helpful.

Two general hints for anyone building any of these:

It’s easier to do the heat pipe/cpu cooler installation if you have a another pair of hands available to hold stuff as you position it, though I managed it pretty successfully on my own. Also, when bolting on the top plate of the cpu cooler which holds the heat pipes to the heat sink, do not overtighten, as you are screwing steel screws into aluminum. And as always don’t go nuts with thermal compound - I used arctic silver instead of whatever glop Streacom ships with the cases, just a thin bead wherever needed, and I must have done it right since my cpu temp looks pretty good.

Thanks for the heads up. I went with 2 1TB SSD. Also I went with the chipset heat sink with tubes as well. Was that good or did I waist my money on the chipset heat sink ?


Bob said

I remain extremely curious to give a listen to this product with any server version… maybe I can do this in a few weeks when I visit PSA in Boulder? (Hint, hint. :))

You’re always welcome!

Al, I have never put any additional heat sinks on chipsets in my builds, other than whatever heat sink/fan comes with the mb, but it certainly can’t hurt :)

Thanks. I was not sure if it was needed. But you know I bought it anyway hahaha. Anyway thanks.

I have an offramp 5 and a AP1/PP TO COMPARE IT WITH.

it should blow them both up

andmaje me feel better in spending the money.

Thanks for your input


FWIW… I didn’t trust the whole heap pipe thing; they are a frigging pain the butt to install and if they don’t work you get fried chips. But after some burn-in my CPU core temp is now around 36c, which is awesome… heck, it gets much hotter than that on my front porch! :) So they obviously can work very well. Good luck with your setup, please post pics and a full review!!