Hiking footwear

I was wondering Ted how you were hiking in a pair of sandals…as a waterfaller at heart,I do a lot of hiking…and sandals are a definite no no… Be careful out there buddy!

I didn’t know that we were going outside PS Audio to shoot. Otherwise I might have brought my 45 year old hiking boots. If I had known they were going to show my yeti side I’d have worn a more digital shirt too. I had the easy part, just answering Paul. There’s sure a difference in our skin tone, my dermatologist says “pretty soon you’ll be an old white guy.” I think I’m almost there.


Depends on what kind of sandles you’re wearing.
I often hike using a pair of Xero shoes sandles which offer pretty good traction.

Hi Gary… I’m sure they would be ok on easy flat terrain… but with no ankle support… I would pass on any type of sandal… at least for difficult,hilly,uneven,and rocky trails.

The philosophy behind the company is, that minimalist shoes and sandals help strengthen your feet and ankles. Conventional shoes eventually lead to all kinds of foot problems, especially for runners. So there is an adjustment period when transitioning over to them.

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Take a look at Vibram 5 finger “shoes” as well if you’re into that sort of stuff. You’ll get plenty of looks if you wear them around, but they do the job well and stay in place better than any sandal I’ve ever worn.

The Xero shoes Z-Trail sandals are not only comfortable but they stay in place better than any other sandal I’ve owned, even while running or hiking on rough terrain.

I hate sandals!

Last July, I broke a bone in my foot because my foot slid inside a Teva sandal and twisted. Sandals suck and are dangerous.

Bruce in Philly

No slipping here

If it’s colder out or I’m hiking on really rough terrain l wear the TerraFlex Trail Running and Hiking Shoe from Xero shoes.

I’ve been wearing sandals essentially exclusively since the early '70s (when I had some ingrown toe nails that were out of control), but until the my latest Birkenstocks (the ones with a soft bed) I would wear them out from the top down. The first Birkenstocks I got lasted much longer than the one or two years that Teva’s and a host of others that I’d tried. I don’t think the people in the store had seen the blue insides of the Birkenstocks from the top before. These days if I walk for a mile or so my calves start getting tired from curling my toes to keep them on, but even a decade or so ago I could walk at a good pace “forever” in my sandals.
I clearly remember riding my motorcycle to high school and going up a hill in the snow that was so slick I had to use my feet as outriggers and the snow was packing my sandals pretty tight. At least I wore sandals when I rode my cycle, my brother usually went barefoot :slight_smile:

“Sandals in the Snow”… perhaps you could pen a few lyrics to a new song, Ted - maybe to the melody of “Dust in the Wind”. :grin:

Now you’re scaring me

“Easy Yeti”… Sorry Ted…:rofl:

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When you want to feel the wind between your toes, get the specially designed motorbike sandal. Note the knee pads on the rider.

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Don’t worry… It has a toe bumper

I just booked a hiking holiday at 3am (the wife was asleep at the time) this morning so this is possibly the most useful thread I’ve ever come across in PS Audio. Decisions, decisions.

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