Hiss with Vinyl Setting

Hi all,

     Just got a Sprout - love it with one caveat.  There's an annoying hiss when the vinyl setting is selected. The hiss comes through my speakers and headphones, and happens even when my turntable is not connected to the Sprout.  No hiss whatsoever with any of the other inputs, including Bluetooth.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I've disconnected every other component in my system other than the Sprout, and the hiss remains as strong.  Disconnected light fixtures, no difference.

Does the Sprout need to be earthed no matter what? Very bizarre that it’s only at this single setting.



It is good for the Sprout to be grounded at all times, but a hiss is typically not the result of poor grounding. Is it a hiss or a hum?

Wow this thread is very timely, I am having the same issue. I would describe it as more of a hum and can be heard from about half volume to the max. Note this only happens when selecting the Vinyl setting. If I go to half, switch the input to any other is disappears. This happens with the TT connected (and grounded) or not.

Things I have already tried with no improvement:

  1. New power cord. No change.

  2. Connecting to different power outlet. No change.

  3. Repositioning Sprout. No change.

  4. Moving ground around. No change.

  5. Displacing power strip. No change.

I have a much cheaper Yamaha receiver that does not exhibit this issue when plugged into the same devices in the same location.

Please help.

I have the same problem with my sprout. The hiss is only with the vinyl setting at half volume and full volume. It’s annoying because I mainly use the sprout to listen to vinyl records. I think it’s the pre amp/phono stage in the sprout.

Hi - just bought a second hand Sprout as a headset phonorig and have the same problem.

Beogram TX2 with MMC1 cartridge. Sounds like a charm when there is music, but before the signal starts and in between tracks, I have this terrible hiss - as you describe.

Not sure when this tread started, but can this be fixed or must I find another amp?

Bjørn Tore

You don’t hear the hiss when the track is playing? If you just listen without the needle in the groove, is there hiss? Where is the volume control when this happens?

Hi Paul and thank you for responding.

I’ll withdraw my comment for now - I suspect there might be a cable/ connector issue with my Beogram instead.

I’ll change the connectors later today and will let you know if that solved my problem.

Bjørn Tore

Hello, I purchased my sprout several months ago and use it for my turntable amplifier, running KEF LS50 bookshelf speakers. There has always been a white noise along with a low level hum which sounds like an AC hum. I decided to ignore the noise but did add a Furman power conditioner, which makes no difference, in reference to the noise. I use a headset as well, which further defines the noise to sound like two different noises overlaid on top of each other.

I have removed all inputs and outputs and listen with my headset - no difference.

I have used a “ground buster” - no difference.

The “white noise” sounds to be a different source of noise than the hum.

Is my amplifier bad? Does anybody have any suggestions for troubleshooting.

Thanks, Chris

Is the hiss and hum only heard on the phono input? There is a bit of hiss normal on the phono input. There shouldn’t be much hiss or hum in the other inputs.

Yes the hiss / hum is ONLY on the phono input, all others are very clean. The phono hiss is pronounced through my speakers on any volume above about 25%, when played lower the hiss is much less and does not affect the music.

I second a ‘noisy’ vinyl setting. I also have a fair amount of noise buzz in other settings to a lesser degree. Can anyone confirm if this is normal?

Sprout can have a bit of hiss and low levels of hum in the phono stage depending on setup, efficiency etc. In my setup, for example, Sprout has a bit of hiss and hum only if I turn the level up beyond that which I listen to - in other words, crank up the level control to check the noise level.

On playback of an album at any level, I never hear the hiss or slight amount of hum. On;y on noise checks.

The other inputs are quiet on my speakers.


I’m writing you from Mexico. I’m planning on buying a sprout to use it mainly to play vinyl records through an Audio Technica LP120 and Revel M8 speakers. Would this hiss/hum be a problem with this setting?