Sprout 100 hissing noise

Hello all! These past couple months I’ve been using my sprout 100 as my main amp. Computer>dac>preamp>sprout100> speakers. The other day as I was in the middle of a listening session, I noticed a small hiss coming from the left speaker. I had some grounding issues in the past so I ignored it. A few songs later the hiss became very loud, it almost sounded like a speaker break in track and it was only coming from the left speaker. Is there anything I can do to fix this or am I SOL? I sent it in a few months ago to fix a headphone jack issue so I really hope I dont have to send it back again.

Thank you for any advice.

Had a similar issue with my Sprout100. First step, swap the left and right inputs at the Sprout. If the noise moves to the right channel speaker, then the problem is in the pre-amp or earlier in the audio chain and not the Sprout. If it persists on the left, the trouble is in the Sprout and you will probably have to contact service and return it. They turned mine in less than a week. Good luck!

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