Holo Audio: one of the best dacs ever? J Atkinson, H Reichert, S Deckert, M Lavorgna, GoldenSound, D Abramson and the Stereophile reviewers think so. Stereophile A+ and POY 2020

I have the Spring 3 KTE and is set to Alt-2

Did you notice a difference between ALT1 and ALT2?

The channels were reversed on ALT1 and HOLO. ALT2 fixed that issue.



Update: I have about 100 hours burn-in now on the U1 and the X1 power supply. I just sat down to listen and the sound has really started to open and blossom pairing up to my May KTE. It’s one of those moments where you feel just excited to sit down to listen and rediscover everything in you library again.


Just received an email from the USA Aqua distributor, and Scott Wylde has informed me that other than current orders the La Voce DAC will no longer ne offered on the USA market for the time being.
An excerpt from an email I received from Scott this morning:

Unfortunately we don’t have an aqua dealer in the Chicago area. Also, aqua has decided to put a pause on the manufacturing of the La Voce DAC. They are not being discontinued, the decision was made just to focus on the other models. That being said the only La Voce that will be available for the foreseeable future will be ones that have already been ordered.

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With the parts shortage they may have decided to concentrate what parts they can get on the two more expensive models. Shouldn’t be that hard to find a La Voce S3 from current dealer inventory if one is really wanted. They are worth hearing.

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From Scott there is one in New Mexico and that’s it for new. Three available used. He didn’t say why they backed off, but you are right worth a listen.

If you like the the DS Sr. but are looking for a little more, even after the transformer upgrade, then the La Voce S3 will still keep you in the same ballpark sound signature wise but expand. Not all the remote controlled bells and whistles just great sound. Listening to mine now in the Greenville house fed by either the Aries G1 or the Jay’s Audio CDT2 Mk III. Plus the boards are modular and user replaceable in case of further upgrades. Those too may be coming at some point.

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To get this thread back on topic….

I’ve had the May KTE playing music for well over 500 hours now. I use HQPlayer and upsample all PCM and DSD to DSD256. This is clearly the best DAC I have heard in my 2 channel system. The DirectStream was great but the May KTE does everything better. Most noticeable is the improvements in clarity, resolution, and soundstage.

I can’t believe how great this album is sounding:


Thanks as you got my attention partnering it with the Jay’s CDT2 Mk II, which is precisely what I had in mind. Off track can be a good thing, in this instance I found it to be rather helpful. The Holo is also on my mind at the moment, so now I have returned it to our normally scheduled programming.



This one sounds incredible too:


I don’t have any problem recommending either the Spring 3 or May KTE as an alternative to the La Voce S3 with the Jay’s. Mine is paired with the La Voce S3 now as I had it shipped to the Greenville house as I was going to be here for the holidays. When I go back to Florida where the May KTE currently resides I will take the Jay’s there and put it in place of the Nuprime transport. Like speed-racer and many others here I think the May KTE is the best I’ve ever heard in my systems.

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