Holo Audio Spring 3 DAC Impressions

Thanks a lot, very interesting. I tried a lot of usb cables with the DS, but I haven’t with the Holo.
It’s reassuring to hear that I haven’t bought an expensive usb cable for nothing :sweat_smile:. You made my day, thanks :pray:

yeah but I didn’t tell you I paid $5 for the cable :slight_smile:

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Before ordering I just want to confirm that this unit will play the DSD layer of an SACD when fed from the PSAudio PST transport.

I don’t thin that is a given my understanding is there needs to be a handshake sanctioned by Sony for it to work

Paul said the following in a different thread:

“The DMP required a digital handshake with a PS Audio DAC through its I2S inputs. The PST does not require that same handshake and thus will work through any compatible I2S input DAC. Not all DACs properly handle our I2S interface, but for those that do it should work fine.”

Sounds like the Holo Spring DAC may work with the DSD layer of SACDs.

I confirm, with my May KTE. I presume that the Spring works the same way, but you may want to check with Tim at Kitsune hifi.
I hope this helps.

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The two KTE units should be operationally identical with the primary difference being the separate and vastly more powerful 20+lb power supply.

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Hi all. I am another fresh owner of Spring 3 KTE. My unit is slightly above 500h of burning process. Sound quality is still improving. I am glad to read about long burn in time from another users here, because I have started to doubt about my hearing, as some folks on another forum didn’t believe me, that such a long burn in time is possible. I have even created graph for representing my experience.

Now I know I am not the only one who noticed this:-)


Congratulations !


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I think this graph should extend to at least 800 hours


Thats a very good news!!

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What speakers are those?
Are you using your Denafrips Gaia DDC with the Spring 3?

They look like Diapson’s.



Diapason Adamantes III 25 th.


Beautiful Adamantes!

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