Homebuild headphone amp surprising good sound

In the last few weeks I build a headphone amp on schematics of the lehmann black cube linear.

The print is made by copper tinning on the back, the transformer has it’s own compartment.

The result is surprising, it is hands down better than my Beyerdynamic A1

I have parts for a second amp so I try to do it even better.

See the pictures they are made with a mobile phone.

Attached files

Where did you get the boxes/cases?


I found the cases at Reichelt in Germany. At first I ordered a few other cases from other companies, but found these to be the best. These cases are designed to insert the circuit board.

You have to combine the top, bottom and the front and back covers.

I have used the KOH-6160 as bottom and the KOH-1160 as top.

You need the DPL 1-6 for the covers front and back.


Great site! I’m thinking about building a hardwired DIY power distributor using Oyaide receptacles. So I’m looking for rigid aluminium boxes.

Unfortunately these are a bit small, but maybe you can find something that suits.

Oyaide is a great brand.

Good luck!

http://alicemagicbox.com/lasercollection/lovelycube.html ?