This question may have been asked before but I could not find it any where on the forum .

I would buy the new amp if it was not for the size of the case it is just to big to fit into my set up , had the same problem with the P10 so had to buy the P5 ( no regrets it works perfectly ) is there any plans to make a similar amp using the P5 case this would be a perfect size ( no pun intended ) I am sure that there would be more like me with the same restrictions in placing a amp of this size onto shelving that’s fixed and have no room being so high . Now being a smaller case there would be less power I would think to get all whats in the new amp , for me that’s not a issue and for others to , its the quality of the sound that I would be buying not so much of the size of the amp .

So any plans on this happing paul .

There are no plans to package the amp in a P5 at this time, sorry. There’s just too much going on inside. The BHK preamplifier will be in the P5 chassis, just not the amp. Depending on how well the amp does in the market we may endeavor to make a smaller version in the P5 chassis but that would be a ways out as we haven’t yet even contemplated it.

shihan171 said I would buy the new amp if it was not for the size of the case it is just to big to fit into my set up . . .
You probably have already considered this, but do you have room to place the amp on the floor on a dedicated amp stand? My amps are too big to place them in a stand with other components, so they live on their own.

Yes I did think about doing this , I measured the space I would need beside my hifi table then moved the speaker as if the amp was between the speaker and hifi table the sound was now different and not as good as before moving the speaker just 4 inches to allow the amp to be there had changed the sound so much that I could not bear to listen to any music I played .

I did think about putting the amp on the out side of the speaker which would mean I did not have to move the speaker position that I am happy with but this would require me to buy new speaker cables 3.5m and 2.5m xlr cables and new power cord staying with the same brand which I am satisfied with the cost was almost as much as the new power amp so I ruled out that option , I am playing around with another idea which may work just need to pull my set up apart and see if I can do it but first I need to finish painting the house , then I will have sometime to my self and see if it will work .

Thanks for the reply .

A trickier option than I was expecting.

I have one option that may work for me , I use a hifi table made by SGR and the shelves are mounted on isolation feet if I remove the shelve I can sit the amp directly onto the cross frame . Now because the support brackets go from corner to corner in a x shape the feet on the new power amp would most likely be not sitting evenly , can the feet on the amp be removed this would give me more head room and I can isolate the amp from the frame by using Herbies fat dots .

So if any one knows if I can remove these feet from the case this would help me with my problem .