hometheater Review


This review was just sent to me.



I don’t understand why they would publish a review today of DS with v1.1.9 when v1.2.1 was been out for (what?) 6+ weeks? I mean, the different software makes them different machines. Mindful of the editors note, but sadly out-of-date. The highlight for me was the reviewers choice of amp, DS direct to dm38 I expect would be brutally truthful of the DS sonic capability. Too bad they didn’t re-assess with the current production software.


The editor specifically notes that the review was completed prior to the new firmware release:

"After this review was completed, PS Audio issued a major firmware update that the company says improves every aspect of performance."

All reviews necessarily require significant lead time. Given that the DS is still a relatively new product it makes sense they want to publish the review now - especially as many reviewers have beaten them to it.

Note that right under the rating, the editor specifically invites reader input:

"Disagree with our product rating? Email us and tell us why you think this product should receive a higher rating."

Email him.