Honor to the recording engineers!

I propagate the importance of the recording engineers for long time, but now I first time started to add a recording engineer tag to my library.

Reason is, that if you dig deeper, you find that those exceptional recordings on various labels (among other much worse ones on the same labels) are often from the same engineers. Discogs then supplies the database to search for more from those great engineers.

My latest discovery after engineers like Keith O, Johnson, Mr. Chesky, Günter Pauler, Maarten de Boer, Nicolas Bartholomee and others is…

Antonio Oliart

I got recordings of him on various labels of various genres and all sound fantastic (no matter if SACD or 16/44.

Unfortunately the recording engineers are not always identifiable. But they are the real stars when skilled!

I’d be happy to hear recommendations from others, too in case you care for it.

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