Hooking up Reel to Reel Tape Deck to BHK PRE

I’m looking to hook up my reel to reel tape deck to my BHK Preamp. I know I can use one of the inputs on the BHK to the output on my reel to reel but can I also use the RCA output of my BHK to the reel to reel at the same time as using the XLR outputs that go to my BHK amps?

You can connect the Tape deck out to an input on the preamp. As for input to the tape deck to record on RCA output from the Preamp to create a tape loop, yes you can do that simultaneously with XLR output to your amps. Many people and myself included have used the RCA out to connect to dual subwoofers. No difference here, out is out.

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Great! Thanks @watchdog507

Tonight I tried as suggested but ran into an issue. Before attempting to hook up the reel to reel tape deck I use XLR cables through out my system except to my phono stage to turntable.

My Otari 5050B II2 R2R only has XLR outputs and inputs so I used the Output XLR cables that went from my BHK Pre to BHK 300’s to Now going from the BHK Pre to the Otari. I then used the RCA output on the BHK Pre to the BHK 300’s and now have a hum coming from my speakers. Help!


If you inserted a SE cable pair into a previously fully balanced setup you probably now have a ground differential issue. You may have to use a cheater plug on one of the pieces and probably the preamp.

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Thanks Jack!