How Are You Playing Digital Music?

I made the choices broad so these can be servers or just clients/endpoints.

  • Amarra
  • Audirvana
  • Auralic Lightning DS
  • BluOS
  • Bryston
  • dCS Mosaic
  • Innuos Lightning DS
  • iTunes / Apple Music (with or without a streaming subscription)
  • JRiver
  • KEF Connect
  • Logitech Squeezebox
  • Pink Faun
  • PLEX
  • Roon
  • Spotify Connect
  • TIDAL Connect
  • Direct streaming from a computer or NAS (UPnP, etc.)
  • I’m spinning CDs until PS Audio’s Octave launches
  • I don’t use a server; I play my music via compact disc, turntable, cassette, 8-track, reel-to-reel, wax cylinder
  • Other (please enter in comments)

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On discs


Other = Cambridge CXN V2 (Qobuz as the service)

90% of the time CD’s and SACD’s on my DMP.
10% of the time HiRes downloads via my Bryston BDP-2.

In addition to voting for BluOS, iTunes, Roon (new subscriber), Tidal and spinning CDs, I chose “Other” for Qobuz and spinning SACDs.

Roon with Qobuz, so I chose Roon plus ‘Other’.

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Other = Dedicated music server (with optimized softwares + Linear PSU + sotm tx usbexp) > Intona usb isolator > Ds Sr dac.

Sonos too.

Any way I can get it in the DAC.

Primary: Spinning discs in PS Audio DMP
Amazon Music with Alexa
Android Orange Squeeze app to Innuos Zen Mk III streamer.

Local files plus Tidal and sometimes Qobuz via RoonServer on Windows hosting VirtualCable to Foobar for VST support (HAF Room Shaper) to HQPlayer Embedded (modest upsampling along with HAF convolution) to NAA (Running on Pink Faun 2.16 endpoint) I2S to DS.

Haven’t put a CD in a spinner, unless to rip, for many years.

Can’t tell what’s what in that tri-color pie…

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Vinyl predominates.

Actually, that is 8-track.

Mac Air running BitPerfect on top of iTunes (and desperate for a better setup), with hot-rodded USB. Gave up on streaming Tidal (SQ reason) and Qobuz not available in Canada.

For me the simplest easiest…
My music stored locally played back via Oppo 205

Bryston BDP-2 MPD
Bryston BDP-1 Roon
Sonore microrendu - Audirvana
imac HQPlayer3 /Roon controlled

My music, stored locally on my Mac Pro, through JRiver Media Center 27 to the DSD/Bridge, through an optical connection, 90% of the time. 10% from SACD and CD through my DMP.

Me too, almost to a “T” (with some Tidal/Qobuz via Roon sprinkled in here and there). Question for you: What do you mean by “…to the DSD/Bridge, through an optical connection…”?

Thanks in advance.

I connect my PC to my DSD through a pair of TPLINK MC110CS Fast Ethernet Media Converters. I have an 2 ft Ethernet cable connected to this box and from one of these to the other I have a 30 ft Optical fiber cable. Front the receiving box I have a 1 ft Ethernet cable connected directly into the Bridge of my DSD. Sounds great! This is not expensive to do and I recommend you try it. You can get the boxes on Amazon and the cables also. You should check the cable prices at Monoprice also.