Music Streamer suggestions?

Hello !
I am looking for suggestions on what music streamer I can use in my main system. The streamer would be fed into my PS DSD. Currently, on my second system I am using a Bluesound Vault 2 that uses a Schiit Gungnir. I like the Bluesound app. I mainly use Qobuz streaming service.

Budget? Looking for something basic. Are you a Roon user?

No, I don’t use Roon. I am not interested in using a pc to stream from. Budget is generous but I care about quality more than marketing gimmicks and bells and whistles.

I don’t own one, but I’m always seeing the Lumin brand getting high recommendations.

At those prices it should be multi-orgasmic. LOL

Once you establish a budget range, start searching the forums for impressions and read online reviews. Auralic, Bluesound, Sonore (rendus), Cambridge Audio. Some folks use inexpensive HiFi Berry RPI4s.

Are you using a music streaming program like Audirvana? Are you open to used gear?
I have two (purchased off the used market) Bryston BDP-2s that are excellent music transports. Prior model BDP-1 can be found at the $500 range. Aurender (I have an A10) is in the same grouping as Lumin. A bit more expensive. Both have their own apps.

What services are you streaming with? Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify? Do you own music in computer file form?

If you want to check out Sonore gear, visit They are very helpful. I’ve bought a couple of microrendus from them which is a lower priced USB streamer.

The Aurender and Bryston units I own can have hard drives attached for local music, and streamer service capable with Qobuz and Tidal. Aurender is also Spotify Connect compatible. Both can also be linked to an NAS.

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Lumin is a good brand and has good forum support. They have a rep on the Roon forum who checks in regularly.

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Since I have DSDAC, and PST + DSDAC is so good, I am waiting to see what PSA Octave server (suppose to come out this year.) will do before upgrading my streamer. PST and Octave server look pretty much identical, except the disk drawer on PST.

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Hi Netspecht-2 !
No, I don’t use Audioirvana. I currently I am using a Mac mini as a streamer but want to get away from that because I need a much more seamless interface. I have been using ITunes and been too lazy to change.
I signed up forQobuz service and I like the selection and ease of use. My thought is that I want to bypass the internal dac unit of a streamer and let the PS Audio DSD do what it does best. I have no issues with used equipment. As I said earlier I do have a Bluesound vault on my second system. Can I do better then Bluesound ?

I don’t own Bluesound gear so can’t I opine.

Sonore would be a good fit for what you’re planning. Microrendu/ Ultrarendus do not have a DAC. If it has a DAC, it’s a player versus being a transport, which is what you’re looking for.

Ethernet connection in, USB connection out.

Thanks. Not sure the Rendu stuff is what I need or want.I want to not use the Mac Mini therefore I will need a replacement unit.
I also like the fact that some units have a storage hard drive?
The DSD is a mighty fine dac therefore that solves the dac issue.

I’m planning to upgrade from a Node 2i to an Aurender N100H this weekend. Hoping for some “great” improvements, but will be happy with “noticeable.” :wink:


I will be curious to hear your thoughts on the unit and the interface app. Good luck !

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I’ve used (and a friend uses) an Auralic Aries Bridge with USB out to a DSD with success. It will do wired or wireless, and the Lightning DS app works well with Qobuz. No longer made, but you can find them used for $600 +- if you are looking for additional budget, the G1 is also a nice unit and step up.


I looked at the N100H when I purchased the A10. Have you considered the N100SC with optional (easier to install) drive setup. If I hadn’t purchased the A10, I would have gone with the SC. You’re going to like the product in either case.

I had a Gungnir before too. My current DAC/Streamer is an Auralic Altair G1. I have been impressed with the quality of the device and SQ. The Lightening DS software is not as good as Roon, but it is functional and easy to use. I also have Qobuz and the interface is nearly seamless.

Auralic current line of streamers run from about $2,500 to $8,000, so you can pick your quality level. I am near the low end, but I am very pleased with my purchase. Auralic has a public forum like this one too.


What do you use for storing your ripped library?

Prior to acquiring the Auralic Altair G1, I used a Mac Mini with an external HD, the Schiit Gungnir DAC and Roon. When I bought the Altair, I just made a copy of my library and put it on a 2TB SSD drive and connected it to a separate hub linked to the Altair.

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I use the Innuos Zen Mk3. it’s really exceptional. I use it with Roon, but in the next two weeks they are issuing a their own streaming software that is fully integrated with Qobuz. It will be a free software upgrade. They’ve been developing it for the last 3 years. The usb output is excellent as it has its own dedicated linear power supply. The slightly more expensive Zenith has an additional power supply, SSD and some improved components. Lots of information here: Inn-sights – Innuos – High-Fidelity Digital Music Servers and Streamers


Thanks Steven !
It sure would be nice if PS Audio released a unit. Well, one of these days…