How clean is the power from a P10/5 output ?

Hello I have been reading some details of power conditioners . And need to pose a question regarding the P10 /5. Regarding the output

On these power units is there any harmonic or other type of freq besides the 60 hertz . Meaning when using them can they interfere with other internal clocks in dacs or other types of equipment that have internal clocks?

Al. D

Short answer: No.

See, “Multiwave Firmware for P5 and P10”

Ok thanks I will look it up.

Ok I did read this , well no multi-wave for me till I can do a comparative listening test. Thanks .

The more I read , the more I need to figure out , it does not stop. Thanks .

Al. D

Multiwave will never cause any problems. Try it and see if you like it better.

Ok i will thanks .

Al. D

I have to add that since I have 'experimented with multi-wave, I become increasingly fascinated with the different sonic effects, yet nothing is so perfect that it doesn’t some kind of taint. In this case I am referring to how some transformers react. It was curious to hear my Quicksilver monos (transformers)hum at different pitches as I changed from a couple of the programmed waves. The trannys simply did not like what they were eating. On the other hand, when the combination was good for them, I fell in love with a quiet background.

The multiwave in the current products is the same as tubewave in the earlier offerings. It is the fundamental, with added third harmonic.

Some of the earlier miltiwaves were pretty aggressive and definitely would make various transformers hum in response. Interesting stuff.