Phase Tune option. Upate for P10 manual?


I just installed the new firmware and would like to know more about the Phase Tune option, but the manual download is still the old version, only illustrating the old firmware.

When is the updated version likely to be available?


I’m playing around with this too. I’ll help if I can.

Multiwave adds a third harmonic to the sine wave output of the P5/P10. As multiwave strength suggests a variation in amplitude of this third harmonic, I infer phase relates to a timing delay in how this third harmonic is integrated.

When playing with phase I notice that it changes the THD out figure. My usual reading is 0.1% so I don’t get much improvement, but if I set phase to +10, the THD out rises to 0.8%. Also, my 3 little noise harvesters start to go crazy as phase shifts from +6 to +10, and I get some very low level transformer hum from the PWD.

SQ is really a mixed bag. While the MW strength at level 6 does improve bass in my system, levels 4 and below are very similar. Phase tune seems to have some impact on high frequencies. At phase +5 I think the highs are a bit cleaner, but it is early days and I need to do more listening.