How do we know if it’s real?

In the last few posts we have been covering a lot of ground centering around the idea that recordings properly made can sound quite live on a good system. Even older recordings from the 1950′s and 60′s still sound remarkably […]

If I can touch it then it may be real… :slight_smile:


If I can touch it then it may be real... :)


Or, conversely, if it 'touches' you . . .


Thanks Paul.

I like where this could go.

It is indeed the two most important ends of the spectrum.

The creation… And how we listen to it.

I am trying. Thanks for reading Gordon! Fascinating stuff to me - seems to put some others to sleep.

How do we know if it’s real?

Taking canned music to a while different level?

Well, here is an additional spin on this topic.

I learned of this years ago. It is fascinating how many odd little extra keystrokes and other mistakes are captured on the recordings.

Very cool.

The concept of slightly different performances from the same can is amazing.