How much better does it get

I have the Sprout100 driving a pair of Dali Rubicon 2 speakers. It really sounds fantastic but I was wondering if an upgrade would sound that much better? I was thinking about the S300 amp and the Gain Cell preamplifier, how much would that improve the already great sound I am getting.

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Hey grundge…
Great question.

Yes big in improvements in the quality of soundstage from the
dimensionality, image separation, focus, clarity (not brightness)
from the brute power of a musical fff and all the voicings therein to
the minutest of musical subtleties and expressions.

Knowing the quality of PS Audio gear…you gain a lot more going uptown. Gives your speakers the goods to really sing !!

Happy listening adventure.

Not sure that you’ll get many responses as this question has never been asked before. :crazy_face:

(Seriously, I started out with a Sprout at the end of 2018 and after about a dozen upgrades since, I should be ready for the rubber room any day now.)


Cheers for the responses.

If it really sounds fantastic, think hard about keeping it just as it is, lest you fall into “the rabbit hole”.

“used to refer to a bizarre, confusing, or nonsensical situation or environment, typically one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself.”


My two cents on your specific question would be “no” or at least “not necessarily or proportionally”. It would be different. Sprout 100 is an amazing piece for the money.

Do you stream mostly?

Yes, I mostly stream.

Are you streaming via Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is really jacking things up.

An interesting tidbit is there is a significant SQ difference based on how you send BT to your device.

An app like Neutron makes big SQ improvements due to improved resampling accuracy.

Sorry about that. I stream via USB. I use Amazon Music HD.

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what kind of system are we talking… speakers, USB source?

As others have eluded to, once you get the upgrade bug it is hard to stop.
Will a SGCD and S300 get you better dynamics? yes
Will a SGCD and M700 get better soundstaging, cleaner midrange and even more dynamics? yes
Would a BHK Pre with the M700’s sound much smoother and more open than SGCD/M700? yes
Would a BHK Pre and M1200 sound even better than BHK/M700? yes
Would a BHK Pre and BHK 250 poweramp sound even more open than the BHK/M1200? yes
Would a BHK Pre and BHK 300…? yes
Would one really need much more expensive speakers to go along with upgraded pre/power amps? yes
Is the sprout integrated nice and compact and also great-sounding? yes

Would adding a powered subwoofer turn your current system into a full-range system and potentially be the smartest move? yes


As true as ADP’s observations may be - let me go at it from a “keep the Sprout” perspective.

Will the Sprout100 sound better with better speakers? Very Likely yeah - for less money than a lot of other options.

Either with your current speakers or better ones, add a sub. Again - bang for the buck.

Add a TT, if you swing that way.

These, and other options don’t require going down the Linear Upgrade Rabbit Hole so much.

I and others I know personally have used it with speakers costing up to and including $10x the price of the Sprout, and with speaker cables costing 3-4x, with great results. Will you get better results with other/better/more synergistic combinations? Prolly. Just saying that you could do worse than to explore or exhaust some of the cheaper avenues.

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Or keep your current setup for now, research and save up for an entirely new system with components of commensurate higher quality, and use your current setup at that point as a complete secondary system. That way you sorta keep like-level components together - best bang for buck across multiple systems because any system is only as good as its weakest link.

Suffice it to say, you are standing at the bottom of the mountain, grasshopper. Lots of improvement to be had, but it is always great to be extremely happy with current system. Enjoy the music. As many have said audio is a game of diminishing returns – need to spend increasingly higher amounts to gain increasingly diminishing results. (increasingly diminishing…ah, that works)

I vote for keeping Sprout for a while and getting Zu Omen DW when they go on sale July 1 :slight_smile:

I am sensing a theme! Yes is always the answer! Now if you can get the SO to say it you’re golden!


Thanks for the responses, they are all worth considering.
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Yep yessiree :smile:

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I wanna hear that. At last fall’s RMAF, Zu’s room (equally huge, although modestly populated gear-wise) was next door to a bunch of Heavyweight/Costly makers/setups. It was a relief.

Music! :metal:t2:

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