SproutOne vs Sprout 100

I bought a Sprout about a year and a half ago. I’m very happy with it, though I have yet to put it to full use. I haven’t connected my turntable - I need a new cartridge. CD and streaming are just too easy.

I would really tempted to buy the 100, if it is a real upgrade. Has anybody compared them with each other, side-by-side? If so please weigh in. PSA people are welcome to weigh in too. I am convinced that you are customer oriented so I will trust your comments.

I have already read many reviews and comments on the 100, so i’m up to speed, or think I am, on the improved features and differences. That is the genesis of my interest in getting a 100.

Also, I commented in an old thread in the loudspeaker forum with a question about subwoofer hookup and the Sprout. I’d love to get a reply. No pressure, no guilt.

Many thanks in advance!


I have and for what it’s worth the difference is night and day. One of the first tests we did was to compare Sprout with Sprout100 on the same set of efficient loudspeakers and the same source. Wow. What an improvement.


Thanks Paul. I guess I need to start saving or sell something. I do not plan to sell my Sprout. It will find a new home at my office.

Hi Paul,

I have an original Sprout and want to upgrade to the Sprout 100, but noticed the Sprout 100 product page doesn’t have a trade-in link. Is there any trade-in/upgrade path for original Sprout owners?


Also in the same boat. Love my sprout but i find it too bassy with my tower speakers. A little bit bummed that you couldn’t turn of the bass boost in the original.
Also would like to trade in my old sprout to get the new one.

Yes, that is one of my main reasons I would like to trade in for a new one. I also like all the updates they did to the new one.