How musicians communicate Emotion [parts 1&2]

(Part 1) It's all in the timing: How musicians communicate emotion
"It's all in the Timing" is a 2-part video with best-selling author and McGill Psychology Professor Daniel J. Levitin. His latest research study looks at how...

Except rock musicians. They do it by playing even louder.

Gordon, thanks for posting this. A friend who teaches singing sometimes uses a computer to play back MIDI files to accompany beginners. The playbacks have NO rubato at all, and it is amazing how completely non-musical a tune sounds when played in absolutely strict tempo. It is when I heard that, years ago, that I began to realize what Prof. Levitin points out.

At the other end of things, of course, random tempo variations can also ruin a performance.

(Part 2) It's all in the timing: