How to Access Your Intuition by Listening to Your Favorite Music

A relaxed nervous system is vital for hearing high levels of intuitive information. If the nervous system is on high alert, your internal environment will be very noisy. Information coming from the higher self is gentle and quiet, so having a relaxed nervous system will foster a space within you to hear your soul’s guidance.

Maybe this is why some days your systems sounds great and other days it doesn’t?


Avoiding all caffeine helps. I don’t agree that candle-ing the ears is a good idea.

No candling cannot work and is dangerous.

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It always sounded to me to be a very bad idea.

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Some of my best listening sessions are done while enjoying good coffee and good company! :smiley:

Coffee calms some of us.


Don’t ever ask me to decide between coffee and superman listening capabilities. A decision, there will not be. Coffee wins EVERY time!


I think you guys are missing so many other “enhancements” to listening pleasure. I know various alcoholic beverages improve my system quite noticeably and consistently. The better the bourbon the better the sound!

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Alcohol deadens one’s ability to hear high frequencies. An unfortunate lesson learned by many mixing engineers when working into the night accompanied by their favorite beverage. Listening in the morning, the mix is hard, brittle, overly bright. The only advantage to alcohol is as with opiates - one no longer cares.

On the other hand, when performing I sound much better when my audience has been drinking.


Couldn’t agree more. When I have some extra money, nothing like Booker’s to hear those micro dynamics.

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I suppose like Ritalin would or does?

I can’t tolerate caffeine even in small does past noon or I won’t sleep that night. The half life is looooong.

Or as Carl from Slingblade says ‘coffee makes me nervous’

Tho dextroamphetamine is highly recommend for me by multiple doctors, I have multiple bottles of “expired” pills on my shelf.
Coffee in the evening often allows me to get to sleep more easily, but every once in a while I’ll be up until 3 or 4…

It is fascinating how physiologically different we can be from each other.

Yeah, but which one of us is normal?
Not me, I hope!

See, the younger we get the longer we stay up. :smile: