Possibly the most depressing discovery ever for an audio geek

So it’s just another Wednesday in the sound room and things are delightful, but the top end is just slightly below - even normal levels – perhaps the old ears are plugged. So I pinch the nostrils tight and blow cranium pressure as if you were trying to pop your ears on a flight. Suddenly, the high hats, cymbals and all higher frequencies return like I am 18 again. Let off the pressure and the top 6 bands of the aural EQ once again disappear. Re-pressurize and youthful high end returns. Release and back to dullsville. So this means to me – the ear-brain high frequencies are STILL audibly there…

So what’s going on here?? Clearly I can still HEAR the high frequencies…
Anyone else experience this? I’m in need of some explanation of this phenomenon. The first time I discovered it I was thoroughly amazed, by the third time I was entirely distraught.

So before you provide your (appreciated) diagnoses as to possible theories, try it yourself and see if you experience the same. I can’t explain this one. Can’t even come up with a good lie…
It sounds great but I tend to run out of breath before the first chorus…

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Nope, no effect.

Perhaps you’re slightly congested.

What you describe is part of my regular routine when listening. Opposed to you, however, the effect lasts after releasing the pressure. So, yes, I experience it too. It‘s like my head needs rebalancing the pressure from time to time.

Perhaps a Master Fuse in each ear canal would help?


I also must equalize my ear canals before listening.

Best part of a year of corticosteroids (and Doxycycline on and off too) cleared it for me mostly.
Def one for a doctor to help you get the gunk cleared if this is more than a passing thing.

Professional ear wax removal on occasion can do wonders. Usually one canal builds up more quickly over time for me. I would recommend an Ear, Nose, & Throat guy, not a general physician. Higher frequencies reappear, but not to the extent I could hear as a youth.


Doesn’t work for me because my problem is Rhinitis. Which causes inflammation of mucous membranes and impacts the Eustachian tubes of my ears. I’m especially sensitive to ozone. I watch for air quality alerts in my area (Chicago) and have observed over the years a 100% correlation between poor air quality and a stuffy, congested feeling in my inner ears (excluding colds, of course, something different). I’ve been advised against the pinch the nose and blow up the cranium pressure approach because it doesn’t address the root cause. I have little choice but to wait out poor air quality conditions. When air quality (particularly ozone level) improves I’m good for serious listening. That’s life.


That technique doesn’t do it for me. I have to use Roon’s parametric EQ to improve my hearing of highs. I understand those who avoid using any type of processing, but for me it’s better using the EQ available with Roon. I raise 4 bands that cover roughly 2800 to 8000 hz, 2-3 db is about right for each band.

Happy Birthday @aangen!

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I use hi quality circuit breakers - when one trips I just stick my finger in the ole canal and reset it… :crazy_face:

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Might be a plan - I’ve always had plugged ears off & on, sometimes (rarely) they “click click click” when I bend down, might be time for a s’ear’vice… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My dad was about 90% deaf by my age so I’m thankful.
Maybe I’ll get that as seen on TV - the amazing Turbo Charged Super Duper High Powered New & Improved Gyroscopic Vibrasonic Oscillating Rotisserie Flame-O-Matic EAR VAC… :astonished:
Just turn it on and shove it as far as you can down the hole! It does the rest!
"It slices, It dices and boy does it catch fish!!!

No thank you very much.


Happy Cake Day

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“Never put anything in your ear smaller than an elbow”

Well known British saying :wink:



High quality alcohol does wonder to my hearing. The ultra-high quality one is the best because I can afford to have one shot only.

Caution! it is not mean to be injected into your ear!

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But when it starts coming OUT your ears - you’re full… :crazy_face:

Happy cake day!

Happy Cake Day!

Thanks - what I heard with my congested plugged high frequency failing ears was:
Ha__y Caye Aay… :rofl:

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