How To Apply Loudness Equalization

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How To apply loudness equalization in Windows 10. Do you guys use a separate software or something else?

Is this the best way for loudness equalization?

Two problems here:

  • using windows to alter the sound is generally a bad idea, because it always does a poor job of it.
  • ā€œloudnessā€ used to refer to a different problem altogether, that of requiring a different eq when music is played quietly.

What the article appears to be referring to is more normally called ā€˜normalisationā€™, but again, this requires windows to change the bits in the bitstream, which is generally a bad idea, as mentioned above.

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I would humbly suggest just using a remote control on the amp chain, usually the preamp or sometimes the DAC, to adjust for tracks with differing volumes :slight_smile:

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Are you refering to computer audio as applied to your
computer speakers or to a main system being fed
music files from your computer?

Two different situationsā€¦please explain ā€¦


Good point - I assumed a full hifi system, which I should not have done :slight_smile:

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As always my friend you are concientiousā€¦all is good

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