Setting Standard Volume: File playback of different artists/albums/recordings at varying levels

Does anyone know of a way of normalizing playback volume when playing from a music server/artist mix? If the system doesn’t have a “sound check” feature to regulate a volume level, is there a solve? I rip my files via Apple Music and save to my server, but files from different albums and artists and recordings from different eras can easily have completely different loudness levels.

Herein lies the rub, each album (and sometimes each track) on an album is recorded and mastered at different sound levels, so normalizing playback volume of multiple tracks from different source material would seem to be a challenge. So if you have 3 albums recorded and mastered at different studios by different sound engineers, chances are playback levels will be different.

Just a thought but who knows, maybe there’s software out there, something like JRiver, capable of normalizing multiple tracks.

Volume leveling - JRiver

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A clear advantage to computer-based music playback. Thank you

Does volume normalising work well with quiet classical passages?