How to connect a REL S/510 to an BHK 250

In this post I want to give you all the information you need to connect a REL S/510 to a BHK 250 amplifier. Using the high level connectors.

You need a kind of ground post to put on the BHK, any M3 banaplug will do as long as the thread is made of metal.


Then you need 4 1K ohm 2-3w resistors. To make the two Y-cables. The Y-cables are to avoid hum when the BHK is in standby mode.

I have added two pictures. One just with the resistor network, black cables and the last one is my homemade cable for the subs.

Feel free to ask questions


Hi Martin…Please see my PM to you.

I hate to tell you this, but this won’t work. There’s no input! :joy:

IMO overdone solution to a simple to resolve problem.

Letter from REL

Justin Magana BHK Resistor Network 4/26/18

Problem: These amplifiers will break connection between the output terminals and internal circuitry when they go to standby mode. This creates an open condition for the REL high level connection and the REL will hum.

This will be exacerbated by the fact that the high level cable is connected to speaker cables which effectively increases the high level wire length.
The Hum is directly proportional to the length of the high level cable and speaker cable.

REL along with PS Audio have come up with a solution in the form of these resistor networks. This network provides a 1 Kilo-ohm path to ground from each amplifier output terminal. This provides enough signal path for the REL high level cable to ground when the BHK amp is in standby to keep from humming. This resistor network poses no danger to nor affects the audible output of the BHK or REL.

Each network is essentially a “Y” cable.
The two larger gold fork connectors should be connected to the amp terminals.
The single smaller fork connector should be connected to the ground terminal.
The ground terminal kit is available from PS Audio and replaces one of the screws on the back panel of the BHK amp with a thumbscrew ground terminal.

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