How to get tighter/better sub bass with BHK 250?

I’m running the PS Audio stack with DSS, BHK Pre and 250, but switching from my old BMC CS2 integrated/stereo amp (bipolar transistor) to the 250, the low end has gotten a lot more loose and less controlled. Some of the music I listen to is electronic with really tight sub bass, and it doesn’t work that well my current system.

I’m looking to change some things up, including tubes and possibly my speakers, which are Focal Aria 936s. The Arias have 3 woofers and are very tight and dynamic, but also have a major phase angle and despite their sensitivity are a little hard to drive.

What has helped so far:

1.Switching source cabling to DSS to Matrix X-SPDIF2 with Wireworld Starlight 7 platinum USB and silver HDMI. The platinum cable especially tightened up things.
2. Using Amperex or stock Golden Lion tubes in BHK 250 tightens lows, but also sound more harsh and less pleasant than the Tungsram E88CC. I’m still with the Tungsrams at the moment.

I’m sure going to monos and greater damping factor is the ultimate answer, but I don’t want to do that yet.

Add a pair of subs, you will be very pleased.

Hmm, I think you just answered your own question right here! :wink: