How to secure audio from (KGB) interference

With what choice…
of EM interference blocking materials and their configuration on the system components and cabling, including mass optimized terminals and XLR where applicable, etc,
…could we make sure an evil agency doesn’t get to send me irritating HF commentary tracks with a goal of ensuring even the hifi isn’t safe…!?

Without balanced mains (or a regen), as is common, do “THEY” still get to attempt mind control through feeding my mains with calculated transients that become recogniseable sound when played back?


makes a difference from havana syndrome!

reminds me of the old Woodpecker radar that used to be audible across most of the world…


As a radar expert, could you John, please, guide me how to detect / not detect (could be in my head) by empirical testing with the least spent on needed tools, what is directed here in radio / microwave / ultrasound, if anything?
Which devices specifically should I obtain? Please gather me a list of these tools that should be available in Europe. Thank you.

This could be a case of hyperacusis screwing with my hearing but it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE that there’s a bloodthirsty gang of criminals screwing with my signals for fun and games and my life isn’t secure. Not fun.
“(No, it’s not the pot…)”

So was it audible even through normal stereo setups that happened to be EM-passing enough and wideband amplified? Transients?

Can RF’s low transients extend to be audible?

whilst there are a variety of gadgets that purport to detect rf, it’s really not much help since the specifics you are searching for can be buried in amongst the constant rf snog around us all.
many of them will be snake oil too.
unless you have specifically upset, or threaten a significant power (political or otherwise) you can assume safely that this is not happening.


I’ll just trust the radar guy…

Anyhow, how possible is it today (hypothetically) to create devices radiating whatever it takes to create localized detectable sound unto people’s heads? Skull vibration optimized high dB ultrasound… Microwaves apparently applicable to some extent? Not for hifi though, heh.

possible but only under controlled conditions, very hard to do out in the field (which is a good thing) without just saturating an area :slight_smile:

They’ve actually developed “headphones at a distance” that work via sound pockets created at the ear via ultrasonic waves, with head tracking.
Quite something.

I still rely on my tin foil hats—one for me and a couple for my amps! :thinking:

What material would be a step up from tin foil?

I suspect a good coating of this: High Fidelity Cables NPS-1260 3-D Enhancer :face_with_hand_over_mouth: