Alien tech in audio

Now that the Navy has released video of UFOs- harder to deny. Hopefully they have caught one and we may benefit from the audio systems contained within…

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Certainly jitter free digital audio I hope!

All interfaces between recording and brain will be replaced by a „perception transfer unit“ that wirelessly connects to the brain. Recordings will be snapshotted in full quality and the kind of sound and characteristics the listener prefers will just be managed by mind control.

Seal and burry this for 200 years so our grand grand children will see if vinyl still exists when our descendants excavate this prediction :wink:

It’s not the aliens you need worry about. If the Chinese stop selling rare earth elements into the US market it’s going to have an enormous flow-on affect to consumer electronics manufacturers. We might have little option but to buy Japanese audio porn.

The question is, how can the aliens be forced to loose the upcoming import tax war in case they don’t donate their knowledge to ensure US employment. Maybe an interstellar whiskey embargo helps. However I guess the aliens will adopt Ted for a few designs…

Ted’s designs come to a screeching halt in the absence of Chinese rare earth raw materials.

Scorched earth trade policy=rare earth scarcity.

And this thread is suspiciously owned, operated adn disavowed by a Rupert Murdoch subsidiary… wink :wink: @Brodric


The key with audio and aircraft is being REALLY, REALLY fast, such that the temporal events are beyond our ability to perceive them.

There is the 1977 signal that you can find in youtube,(1977 wow signal),(great powerful kind mono sound, that made television interrup, hear at the end the amazing motor sound,) these machines had been put down by the rude usa army since the 50’s , sure found in area like 51,52 etc

They use 0 point energy and their machines are conducted by thoug; in their machines ,(ufo)