Hum X

hi all.

I have seen paul recommend this gizmo for ground loop issues. And I have had his ground loop posts stapled to my forehead.

Ive had this pesky hum that seems to show up I think it may be some type of ground loop or something else as it seems to show up every now and again - then won’t go away. Initially I tried a cheater on the DS … it seemed to work… then … well you know the rest. So I took it off the DS - and put it on my pre. Problem seems to have gone away. Sound is emanating from my Maggie mid panel - bass panel is quiet (20 series).

It may have always been there but just quieter before.

So since I can’t fork over the change for a P5/10. Will this solution do the trick - and what does it mean to that nice power cable I have?? What does it do differently than cheater? Might it be noisier than cheater? Not holding anyone’s feet to the fire if i get it and it doesn’t work. Just opinions sought. Thanks tim.

Well so much for that idea. Seems like after extended play - like 10 hours in this case … that is when it arises. I just replaced my phono stage tubes… I am wondering about my linestage tubes now. I shut it down - let it sit for 5 min - turn it back on and hum is gone. I thought the cheater was fixing it - when in fact it was the shutdown.

Unplug source / disconnect source - still a hum. Put pre on mute - hum gone

Both speakers - low level hum. Seems indifferent to volume. :frowning: