Humor: How many audiophiles does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Let’s start the arguments…

Two - one to hold the bulb in the socket and one to start the turntable on which the other is standing…

Is it Digital? (LED) Or is it Analog (Incandescent). Because the analog will emit a warmer white… :rofl:


That is funny but I will add something as a lighting designer. I have experimented with lots of LEDs and have yet to find one that looks as nice as a halogen incandescent. It’s really not even close. Color rendering and warm dimming (color temperature shifts to warmer as they are dimmed) are absolute strong points of halogen, incandescent lighting. I get that a 7W LED provides as much, if not more, light than a 45W PAR 16 but if you want your house to look and feel warm, halogen kills LED.

Not to mention the damage LED light does to our eyes. Its a good thing all these cool innovations that are hazardous came out when I’m heading into the last few inches of the tape measure of life… :laughing:

Having been streaming for a dozen years and use highly efficient digital amplification, I’ve forgotten about ancient redundant technology. So can someone remind me what a lightbulb is? Is it something to do with compact discs?

It’s was archaic device that was used to suck the darkness out of a room.


I believe bulbs at one time equated for currency and social status.