Front PSA logo panel light

Has anyone replaced the bulb that goes behind the PS audio logo or even disconnected the bulbs? I have three separate units and every one has a different brightness level.

That would push my “OCD” buttons.

Fortunately, all but one in my stack look pretty close to identical.

Hope you find a solution.

Of four PS Audio different products that I have each brightness is different from the others. It’s not the bulbs it’s the design.

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Of my 5 units, they’re either of equal brightness, or so close that my attention has never been engaged.

I agree with original topic. It would be nice to have them all aligned in brightness! I don’t agree with with the idea of them all answer to the level of dimming. (DSD, PRE and POWERPLANT)

Idk, mine are all older perfectwave, same line.

Mine are older perfectwave line, so probably age has something to do with it, guess I’ll just open them up cut the wire and be done with, no light, no noise!

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It would keep me up at night!


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There’s a “button board” that controls the led. Sometimes you can replace it and it works. In my case it didn’t make a difference on my old P5 or on my DSD. It stayed dim. Something else was tired and causing the button to dim.

Probably different current limiting resistors for the LED and/or different LEDs. My BHK preamp is nice and bright but my older PWT and DS DAC are quite dim. Tried replacement button boards too and no dice.

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