I got my Directstream mk 2 today

After setting it up…It never initialized…I played some content through it and had no sound. I then realized the volume on the mk 2 was at 26. I raised it to 100 and it seems to work fine. My mk 1 I never adjusted the volume…obviously it was already at 100…I just didn’t realize it. BTW-I’m using a separate preamp a Pass XP 22.

Question- why didn’t my unit initialize ? Its almost as if this was already used by someone…however everything seemed brand new and perfectly packaged.

Question- I have an ethernet port close by…Should I connect it to the MK 2 ?

Question for Paul- why is the display so small ? Other than that its a beautiful unit.

Thanks in advance.

If you have a fixed volume, the DS and DS Mk II come up at that volume after powering on. For a few releases the original DS also comes up at a low volume after being powered on.

I’m not sure what you mean by “initialize”. The Mk II boots very quickly.

Within a release or two you’ll be able to upgrade your software over the Ethernet connection. You may or may not want to connect the Mk II to your network.


The volume at 26 is standard when you power down or power up. We do that so you don’t mistakenly get too loud.

Once we decided displaying cover art wasn’t going to be part of the product it made no sense to have a big TV screen on the front. Also, the trend seems to be moving towards a more sleek and minimalist approach.


Thank You Paul and Ted.

Wow …I ask…and get lightning fast replies from the CEO and the designer.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but 95% of my electronics in my main system are either PS Audio or Pass Labs. They build great products, and stand behind them. They are also very accessible for customer service.

They truly get it. Thanks gentlemen.


Doing some listening as I type….It sounds amazing…can’t even fathom what it will sound like broken in. BTW- The new look is gorgeous. I’m extremely happy with my purchase.