DirectStream DAC MKII Released

Thread created specifically for those early adopters to share their experiences with the new DirectStream DAC MKII. Let the fun begin!

Stunning in black, with a $7,999.00 list, with an option for trade in(s) up to $3,500. Sale date yet to be listed, can’t be far off.


Wooo hoo.

Two questions: what’s the data connection for and what does this mean under Data rate (DSD), “ Standard (2.8MHz) or Double (5.6MHz) DoP as well as raw DSD on I2S and USB inputs.” Elsewhere it says DSD256 under usb and i2s inputs. Ted has said DSD256 for both USB and i2s.

None of this matters, I’m ordering mine in black as soon as I can. I’m killing myself at work for a reason!


Hmmm, I was expecting it to have a larger display screen on the front, not a smaller one. :thinking:


I love the look. Fits right in with BHK and PST.

I have to agree. The size of the DSD MKI is a bit small by today’s standards. Look at Rose and some of the others. More than 50% of front is screen. Does not have to be touch either. But the trade in is super sweet

Been a bit of a wait for the DirectStream DAC MKII, well worth the wait considering supply management delays and resultant design updates.



Feb '21

Has there been any indication of when the MKII will be officially announced or released?

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Feb '21

And around what price ?


PaulCEO PS Audio


Feb '21

No, but probably late spring or summer 2021.

Ooooh, I see a huge bucket of grapes!! Ooooh take out my wallet… … … Must be sour! :grin:

Not sour, considering not much in general has been released recently from the competition either, worth the wait for many. :smile:

To reiterate my comment on the other thread (not aimed at you Dale), the USB connector is for firmware updates (I initially missed the “FW” marking) and presumably the RJ45 connection is also for firmware, albeit “over the internet”. The PST uses the same two methods for firmware updates.

With respect to DoP, I suspect there is an issue with quad rate DSD over DoP. A quick search indicated the DAC needed to accept 705.6 PCM. I have no idea if the DS can do that. Other than DoP can’t see any other reason for 705.6 PCM.

I too like the larger screens, though having most of the front face a screen is a bit much. Paul said a couple years back no more big screens, too much trouble. The small size screen works great on the BHK Pre, the one on the PST has too small a font and on close inspection is kind of cheesy (mine is slightly shifted from proper alignment and the network connection icon is right on the edge of of the “window”. I can read the BHK from 20’, the PST maybe from 6’. I assume the DS will be more like the PST. :unamused: Doesn’t seem appropriate for an $8k device.

Quoting the page that people keep referring to:


Thank you Ted! I missed that part, so DSD 256 multiple ways. :+1:

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I figured it was time to explicitly split out all of the input sample rate capabilities to get rid of some confusion.


@tedsmith - With the imminent release of the MKII, have you begun working on the next version of firmware for the MKII, or are you focused on the TSS?

I’m explicitly working on the TSS. But almost all software releases are cooking in my subconscious for quite a while before I start writing code. Right now I’m thinking about 3 or 4 things that each have a low probability of working well, but I suspect at least one of them will get into the next release. The Sigma Delta Modulator is where I want to spend some time and most of my thinking is directed there.


It must be awesome to be working full-time on what may be considered your magnum opus.

I am a noodler at home and work too. I generally find the outcome is better if I noodle for a bit.

She has a nice culo, butter face.

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I feel like this may be a translation gone wrong.

Edit - now I get it. But I don’t understand the context.

The face is a let down for $8K. The rear panel seems well designed functionally and ergonomically.


I needed that context! Thanks!