'I Like the Music, But Not the Musician'

Duane and Bobby Whitlock is Layla lp. Yes, I said it.


So I guess what we’re all saying is that EC should be unplugged! :thinking:


I only scanned some of the responses here, but didn’t notice any mention of Ike Turner.

As far as Ted Nugent, I’d buy his music just BECAUSE of his pro civil rights positions.

Kudos for being the first person in the thread to mention Ike Turner.

Regarding Ted Nugent, he is leading the thread poll as the biggest jerk in the history of rock (I voted for Roger Waters, but I thought seriously about voting for the Motor City Madman).


I’d have Ted over for dinner if he would like, but I’d prefer to go out and shoot our machine guns together.


@Suds, Say a little after dinner entertainment with Ted, something along the lines of:

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I heard that joke about 40 years ago, but told about Herbert von Karajan. :wink:


That’s certainly a classic, but I’m partial to this…


It’s safe to say I would not let him near (much less into) my house


One of my favorite Renaissance composers, Carlo Gesualdo, was a man given to fits of rage, jealousy, and depression. Gesualdo caught his first wife Donna D’Avlos in bed “flagrante delicto” with her lover and he promptly killed both of them with sword and pistol. The officials who inspected the crime scene found the bodies to have been run through with the sword far more times than was necessary for simple murder. As he was the son of a prince, his position in life meant he paid no legal consequences for the act. He was alleged to have abused his second wife to point she ran away for good. Later in life he hired a servant whose sole purpose was to beat him daily as he sat on a stool. It is widely speculated his depression and behavior later in life was driven by a desire for forgiveness for his violent impetuous behavior in his youth.


Not a lot of people know that😳