I2S sound: What to expect?

I’m not clear about your set up. Since the CDT-8 has an I2S output, where does the Audiophonics unit fit in your system? Those of us that have gotten an external or internal card for the Oppo have dine so because it doesn’t have I2S capability,

Hi highstream,

I’m using two different sources with my DS jr., a NuPrime CDT-8 CD player connected via i2s and BridgeII to stream via Ethernet my musical collection via Roon.

Since I use the i2s output I realized the huge difference compared with BridgeII, so I want to stream via Ethernet to the Audiophonics Rapsdigi and connect it via i2s. Scumbag has the same configuration (I think)

My problem is DS jr only has one i2s input.

I would like to know if Audiophonics box is ready to use or do I need to configure it.

José Luis.

What does Audiophonics say, since they say the box is compatible with PS Audio? As for the DS Jr, there are HDMI splitters out there, though I assume you’d have to be careful about not running the CD player and streamer at once. Have to see what Scumbag has to say.

Yes, is fully compatible

I read that your question is whether or not the Audiophonics box needs configuring. Isn’t that something to ask them, as well as anyone else here who might know (I don’t)?

I’ll write something up later this morning.

Thanks a lot, Scumbag