HDMI to I2S converter boxes...Oppo 103-DS Junior

I brought up this topic a couple of years ago after I purchased my now one and only Octave SACD assuming that my Oppo would play it…wrong! The recommendation at that time was a custom card install into the Oppo which I was hesitant to do. I remain intrigued with DSD level of sound (Thanks Paul) but am looking for a simple fix to play SACDs.
A recent to me YouTube vid (Nov 2021) referenced a $50.00 Kanex or similar HDMI-i2S converter box used to connect an Oppo 103D to a another manufacturer’s dac.
Thoughts/guidance appreciated on connecting my Oppo to my DS Junior.


Oppo 203 owner here,
connecting to my DS Dac via i2s.

How you ask?
All because of THIS guy.

He supplies upgrades for Oppo players, including an i2s card, compatible for your 103.
Fully modded my 203 with his upgrades,
fantastic guy to deal with, a real gentleman, and the upgrades seriously upgrade the stock model’s sound quality.

From someone who’s been on the Oppo/ PS Audio upgrade Journey,
deal with confidence.

This is the way.

Detailed my Oppo upgrades over on my local UK hifi forum HERE:

something like this is what I bought. They used to be $50…

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Thanks for the info. Quite honestly, it’s been decades since I did any electronic build/work (Hafler) and I am so ignorant that I couldn’t get beyond the jumper switch setting on the install guide. I wasn’t even sure if the reference to jumper switches (that I couldn’t find on the card image) is somewhere on the new card or on the Oppo 103)

Thanks again

I think that may be it…Any issues with it?


it was flaky at first, but unplugged and set up again and it worked. I did not have the DS at the time, but the Matrix Mini 3 which has a PS Audio standard I2S input and it worked. I ended up ripping all my SACDs and stored on NAS, so went in totally diff. direction. That thing is sitting in drawer now. Typical Chinese direct to customer thing, ZERO instructions.