IDEAL dedicated line

What would, with currently available mains cabling options (conductor metal, skin effect mitigation, shielding, etc, all of it) be an ideal dedicated line, as in as perfectly impedance and noise free and whatnot, as is today possible?

My haphazard guess is suitably thick-walled, cross-braided, hollow and ovally shaped pair of +/- conductors accompanied by a (solid core?) ground wire, with all Furutech rhodium connects. I haven’t the faintest idea whether or not skin effect affects the ground wire in any meaningful way. I’m not even sure if it matters much in mains transmission…
Well, the skin depth of 50Hz (50Hz mains here) in both silver and copper appears to be close to a centimeter. How come this is overcome without thick as ffff cabling with nearly 2cm diameter? This is something that mystifies me in the skin effect.
I understand how hollow conductors greatly mitigate skin effect for HF but what happens with lower freqs, like with mains? Do they just truncate to the inner edge?
Surely since quantifiable science confirms that optimized oval, hollow (parallel) +/- speaker cables to have the lowest field spread and lowest current bunching, this holds true for AC wire?

Please shed some light on my questions and tell me of a near-perfect dedicated line (excluding exotic nanocarbons and superconductors, they’re just too expensive for all but the wealthiest and most innovative audiophiles)


In another thread there was talk of suitably thick copper piping as a hypothetical conductor. Now that I think about it, it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea…
Silver plated copper piping?

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I take it that it’s moderately difficult to answer this, simply because any in-depth claim needs several scientifically verified results to back it up.
I understand this forum isn’t full of electrodynamics PhDs, I’m just wondering if there’s simple answers to this.

Just throw some thoughts, please.

Okay, okay…
This thread is about an ideal line. So throw your wildest ideas here, for the hypothetical crazy super-rich audiophile. Haha.

In real life, it seems pretty much impossible to attain even solid core 9AWG copper reasonably, let’s not even mention silver.
My electrician can, with 7 strand 9AWG copper, make me a dedicated 50ft line for just over 200€ cabling included, not bad at all. Surely I can forget any worries of inductive impedance if there’s just 7 strands.
If anyone has suggestions for better line cabling for under 500€ and how to diy shield the line (if that’s necessary) and at what radius, please inform.
Then again I asked Paul and his reference rooms apparently have standard 9AWG mains, so if it’s enough for him, surely I can live with a less than exotic dedicated line…

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