OCC copper mains wiring

Is there quality OCC copper available for doing mains wiring, like, 9AWG, insulated in compliance with the electric standards?

Edit: see V.Kennedy’s post below.


Roughly half way down the page under “AC Power” you’ll find Cryo’d Romex.


Okay, that’s understandably expensive, even for a through-room dedicated line… If I was incredibly wealth, I’d have a privately owned substation on-wall, with cryo-treated OCC copper fromwards.

Does the power line before a substation have much effect on what the substation puts out? Relatively.

It makes a massive difference. Without it…well, no power.


Okay, let’s be ridiculously idealistic and imagine a house right next to a ground heat power station (cleaner sine than nuclear, the transformers in nuclear stations apparently are very noisy)

The house has a dedicated substation with thick gauge OCC copper feeding it all the way from the power station’s mains feeds, then to the house, OCC copper mains wiring through a dedicated line to a single socket rhodium plated outlet. With a P20 with a minimal length silver bridge being ultrasonically welded to the socket for lowest impedance for the regen to enjoy.
From here on, we use mesh-shielded OCC copper for power, with ground paths having lower impedance than hot&neutral for a quick shove into ground (obviously, the house is properly grounded), and such. For the rest we can have OCC silver cabling, mesh shielded when needed, etc, quality, quality. Let’s assume specific application cables have an optimized geometry for every instance,… yada yada…

Would we have here a system with impedance and harmonics and interference being all ultimately eliminated, essentially, would we have here a “perfect” listening room?

What to add? Oh, RF absorbing paint. Why not.

That was fun.

If you can pull it off…well go for it…we will be standing by for a review
from you…

Go for it young explorer whiffer schnaffer you… :smiley: :innocent:

Would make most interesting reading… :grin:

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No, currently I’m simply the instigator*** and definitive idealist, my writing should appear before the eyes of a wealthy person who recognises the absolute nature of my point and gleams enough interest in perfecting AC that he/she (most probably he… women are rarely into pure raw mains stuff, I gather) DOES it, with MONEY.
I find it just odd that this hasn’t been done and documented.

The main issue here is having the house located near enough to a thermal plant that the OCC copper doesn’t get too long and expensive to lead to the house’s substation.

***NOT instigator, I thought it meant a deliberation-seeking person, hahah, reading the dictionary is not something I’ve much ever done because English has seemed kinda… easily native

Ah…an instigator eh?

Well perhaps some wealthy individual might see the sport in that
and go for it…

We can all then wait for the review… :grin:

Wait, there there, is an instigator not really the word I was seeking here?
I thought I knew this word’s literal meaning by how it sounds to describe what it is. I haven’t given thought to the issue of checking its transliteration from a dictionary, then again, I might understand the word better or more broadly than the dictionary.

What’s an instigator’s status, really?

Huh, really, I am still left with the feeling that, to instigate, is not solely used to refer to any harm done, but that the instigation acts as a trigger for something, rather. It is similar to the dictionary meaning. To spark something to happen, is what I ultimately sought with “to instigate (something)”

I’m just happy PS Audio culture is allowing enough to accommodate as much off-topic content about anything that threads can change their directive to anything moderately clever by spunning enough thread leads together

Anyway, please continue about the topic of ultraperfectionist mains installations.

Is it basically best to minimize the reactive losses of power-carrying cable loads by simply not using speaker cable, but bridging amp terminals to speakers very directly? And unpractically and unaesthetically.
Any downside to this?