If ripping CDs to FLAC > ROON, any need for CD player/transport?


Thanks much, so I still wonder if with the plugin used the copied disc/file is equivalent to the original HDCD information?



My response is accurate for dBpoweramp.

Foobar and dBpoweramp offer a plug-in which can be used to decode and rip HDCD tracks, and store them as 24-bit WAV files. These decoded files can be played on any DAC which plays 44.1/24.

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Yes. If the plug-in is used, the decoded file has the same information as if you played the file through an HDCD-enabled disc player. The late Charles Hanson of Ayre posted extensively on HDCD. He maintained that you really only got a couple extra bits worth of dynamic range when peak extend was enabled. That is consistent with what I see when I look at decoded files in foobar2000 (i.e., the volume gets into the upper 6 dB range but not by much) and also with the fact that decoded HDCD files (even those with peak extend) sound much quieter than undecoded files (unless you check the 6dB boost option when decoding). They never claimed more than 20-bit resolution so the last four bits are empty. When I play decoded HDCD tracks the display on my DS Senior flips back and forth between 18 and 16 bits during play, if I recall correctly (or maybe its 18 and 20).

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HDCD encoded files also have increased noise. This is the tradeoff for using the 16th bit for HDCD.

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Haven’t owned a CD player transport in years. I still buy CDs too. Once ripped, I either give them to my brother or donate to the library. HDTracks.com and Bandcamp have both allowed me to avoid purchasing CD’s for the most part.

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In my application CD/SACD/XRCD etc still sound better (subjectively of course) than streaming the files. That is why I’m anxiously waiting to see the Octave will be able to do and how it will perform.



I have been ripping CDs to FLAC and listening to the files on my many different systems since 2006. I love the results and the simplicity of these methods. A couple of weeks ago I bought a DSjr Dac and have been listening to my FLAC files via USB and Bridge. It sounds wonderful.
Today I took possession of a PS Audio Perfectwave Transport and connected it to the DSjr with a quite expensive HDMI cable to take advantage of the I2S option. Oh my OH MY! I do not regret buying this device at all. It’s a bit more trouble, but my jaw may live on the floor for some time.
I am glad I did not toss my CDs away or give them to my little brother. Anyway…

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But when I switched back to playing the files on the computer via USB to the DAC it was pretty much just as sweet. I could go either way I guess.



well, you are all horrible people.

The intrigue about SACD’s started in the “What are you spinning?” thread, so I looked on Craigslist over the weekend and sure enough, an ONKYO C-S5VL showed up and I picked it up for $150.

Regular CDs sound great (Wolfson DAC), and I didn’t have a CD player so it wasn’t too crazy a purchase. But Saturday night after a few cocktails I ordered a slew of SACDs off Discogs.com to experience things in DSD. We’ll see if it’s worth the premium!

So I blame you people, but one might be more accurate to blame myself. I’m not willing to do that, so you people it will have to be.