If you could only put ISO's on one component which would it be?

I have a Modwright SWL 9.0 AE with tube rectifier, DSD Sr., VPI Cliffwood and BHK250. I haven’t gotten into ISO’s but read a good deal here on the forums. Out of my four main component’s which would have the most significant and immediate benefit? I realize that the quality of the isolation device will factor in, but I’m just curious which components benefit most from quality isolation devices. THX

None of us here can tell you the answer. You’ll need to experiment and tell us the answer.

I have no answer to your question, but am curious how you like your Modwright?

Sorry I can’t help on an answer!

Thanks @Brodric

@Veneet I’m really enjoying the Modwright. I opted for the tube rectifier mod and have a metal base Millard gz34 in the pre along with the Phillips SQ 7119’s. I have a bit of hum on idle which bothers me, but I think it’s the old mullard.

I replaced a Solid state preamp and I immediately noticed more openness and separation. The tube pre does a nice job of rounded some of the sharper edges of the SS’s presentation. I think it may be a shade on the dark side but I’m good with that. I also noticed a new level of detail in the closed cymbal attacks.

I’ve had a couple minor issues but Dan was very responsive and helpful. Seems like the kind of company is want to buy from again. I like their aesthetic too.

Wow, thanks for the great info! I love the look as well and have made an offer on a KSA 150. Love the black with the blue glow!

I appreciate the input as I cannot deal with hum or such, but if it resolvable that is great. One thing in my favor is the speakers are very inefficient (85db) so hopefully that will help a bit for any type of other background hiss.

Thanks again!

Good luck in the 150. If you get it I’d love to hear your impressions of it.

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Definitely will!

As mentioned above, experiment. In my system it would probably be either the P10 Power Plant, or the DirectStream Memory Player, though the DirectStream DAC also benefits strongly.

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Thx lonson, yah I will def experiment…that’s a big part of the fun! I’m just curious if there are any commonalities or consensus or no-brainers as to where to start.

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Pretty sure you’ve already checked, but could this be a ground loop?

uhh…what’s an ‘ISO’?

I think it’s a guzunder

Funny man; thx, Ron…made me smile.

And I STILL don’t know what an ‘ISO’ is!

It goeszunder your components or speakers to isolate them from vibrations. I think. Like an Isoacoustics Orea…

Well you own several front end items which benefit from vibration reduction (at least one disc spinner and a tubed preamp). So clearly you would need to prioritize based upon whichever piece made the most sonic gains from said isolation device. So I’d choose a product that would be equally applicable to the likely candidates an begin experimenting.

BTW, you didn’t list the loudspeakers or whether you use a subwoofer or not. If you do use a sub and had suspended hardwood floors, the sub would actually be the first thing I applied an isolation tweak to. An Auralex “Sub Dude” or Gramma isolation platform prevents your springy wooden floor from atonally droning along with the subwoofer. Which in turn reduces microphonic vibration pickup in your front end components.

@MTB_Vince thx for the rev on the subdude. I’ve got a REL T9i and my house is pier and beam with hard oak floors.

For my Salk Songtowers and components, I’ve looked at some of Herbie’s Audio products bc they seem like a decent value based on what I’ve read here and at other forums.

I have zero experience with isolation devices, so I figured I’d tread lightly on my pocketbook until I get a better feel for how and what proper isolation devices affect.

I have pier and beam in my house as well and the I put a subdude down and a piece of granite over it and the wife has finally stopped complaining about late night bass travelling to the other side of the house

You are welcome @ yomaha. The Sub Dude or larger Gramma and huge Great Gramma platforms can be bought at Long and McQuade in Canada or Sweetwater in the USA. In light of your floors, definitely start there!

Now my front end recommendations always begin with a really rigid gear rack. Then because I have a predilection for both tube gear and physical disc spinners (rather than computer audio) which are both prone to microphonic behavior, my favorite front end isolation device always begins with a Brightstar Audio Big Rock style sandbox platform. You can either buy the Big Rock from Brightstar or DIY your own. They can be cheaply made from MDF or veneered plywood. I’m kinda picky so I have them made of Corian (a synthetic stone kitchen counter material) by a local stone and solid surface countertop guy. These platforms on their own are far more effective than any sort of footer or cone but can be enhanced with the addition of an interface cone or footer. I’ve always been partial to Black Diamond Racing cones and pucks.

@MTB_Vince - the Sub Dude really removes a lot of the general boominess of the hardwood + pier and beam effect. Thx for the rec!

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You are most welcome @ yomaha. Great to have my enthusiasm for these cost-effective tweaks confirmed by yet another satisfied end-user.