I'm officially too far gone

Most of the apartments I’ve rented (then eventually bought) over the last several decades have been with the major consideration of how a system will be placed. No easy feat in Manhattan and on a budget .

But I did eventually find a loft space way uptown with a large listening room with '15 foot ceilings.

Well, I think I have something picked out. 3 minutes from work in downtown Milwaukee.

DSC03205 DSC03201

Small place, but it’s just for me, so I’ should be ok. 18’ 8"x 18’ 5" listening area (sort of) with 14’ curved ceiling, which extends back to an open loft design. Not having a ceiling in my room might be weird.

I think this will be ok. What do you think?

It’s great!

Wonderful appearing space. Other than the hard floor it will make a happy home for audio.

I have a 32’ ceiling with no parallel walls and curved ceiling and other surfaces. Even though they are reflective they do not mess up the sound as the reflections are randomly timed. I have some sound treatment to tidy things up, but it matters less than I predicted. I think the reflected sound is so random the ear filters out the extraneous sounds.


I’ll put a rug and sound damping material under it to quiet things down a bit. Should I go for bass traps in the corners and at least some sound treatment on the side walls? Of course I’ll add curtains, and the windowed wall will be the front wall, off of which my speakers will be around 5’, I expect.

Show us some pictures of your long and short walls where you will be setting up, please.

Looks great so far…

I’m setting them up in the main living space. The wall with the windows, about 18’8" across, will be the front wall, and this will be the wall I’ll set my speaker up in front of. The side walls are around 18’5", but the there is no rear wall, as the space is, mostly, open all the way back, so they actually extend way back.

Should be great. Based on some of my fiddling with speaker placement…hopefully you can put your speakers out into the room some. It should help with imaging and sound stage; and delay some of the bounce off of those windows. Do you think you can live with some pretty heavy draperies that you can pull closed when you do your “serious listening”? Have fun.

Yep, planning to get some heavy draperies to cover that glass and a rug! Luckily the space is so big I can pull the Maggies off of the wall at least 5’ and be fine.

I suppose the high ceiling won’t be too bad for ceiling reflections, especially for dipoles.

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Windows will actually be OK for diffraction… not great but the wall is broken up a bit. That ceiling… hmmm… it will either be fabulous or a horror… Carpet needed obviously. Odd spaces can be great or must be tamed. I bet it will be great if you get that floor covered up with something thick.

Post the results and pics!

Bruce in Philly

I’m with you on the ceiling, but the Maggies don’t have much floor or ceiling bounce… I hope. We’ll see :grin: