Recommendations for Hifi Dealers (Sonus Faber, Focal) near Madison, WI

Looking to upgrade my speakers in the next few months. Need to find a dealer near Madison, WI within a 100 mile range or so to audition. My online search has brought up Ultra Fidelis in Milwaukee, WI and Quintessence Audio in Morton Grove, IL. Ultra Fidelis was mentioned by @weedeewop as well.

Has anyone had experience with them. Would greatly appreciate recommendations and any particular individual to contact.

Twin Cities might be too far (4 hours?), but we have three not too far from one another. Might be worth a road trip if you go in for that kind of thing.

Audio Perfection

HiFi Sound


Map from Madison to all three:


Why not try University Audio in Madison?

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I can highly recommend Audio Emporium in Milwaukee. Owner Dave Holmes knows his stuff and has always been great to work with in the 42 years I’ve known him. I got most of my first system from him in 1978, and have been a loyal, if infrequent, customer ever since. Most recently I got a power amp and new Maggies from him in September of '19.

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@terzinator: Thanks for the suggestions. If I am ever in the twin cities area, I may look them up though 4 hrs. is a long drive.

@SDL: They didn’t have the brands I am interested in i.e. Sonus Faber and Focal. However, this was concluded by looking at their website.

@Craig_Burgess: Thanks for the recommendation. Since my eldest daughter lives in the Milwaukee area, I get the chance to visit there often. Might stop by to have a look around.

Jonathon at Ultra Fidelis, highly recommended. You may want to give him a call to see what is in stock. I believe he is stocking Sonus Faber Olympica Nova i. He also carries Vandersteen Treos, a completely different sound. Amplification is Simaudio and Audio Research. For your space the Treos could be special.
I’d also recommend F1 Audio in Vernon Hills, they just relocated from Palatine. Inconveniently located but worth the effort. Ask for Bryan or Jamie.
University Audio has the Paradigm Persona 3F on display and may be worth an audition. I personally don’t care for the look of the Persona series. Ben is your best bet, on Saturdays ask for Elton as he owns the 3F powered by Pass Labs.

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Thanks Rick. I plan on contacting Jonathon.

Btw since you put the bug in my ear about Pass amps, I can’t get it out of my head. Way down the road that may be the next upgrade.

Once you decide on speakers amplification selection will be clear. F1 has D’Agostino. Quintessence has Focal/Pass, ask for Mick.

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I’m afraid I didn’t notice your brand preferences in the subject line. I don’t think Dave H. sells Sonus Faber or Focal. I know he sells Magnepans and Golden Ear. I’m not sure about others.

Your response is still appreciated. I edited the title after I realized that it might be more informative to mention the brands I have been researching. Ideally I would like to keep an open mind moving forward with the search.

If you are open to other brands Revel may be worth considering. I recently heard the Revel Ultima Salon2 driven by Ayre electronics. A very engaging and nuanced sound. Regarding its size the Salon can be a rather imposing proposition. I also auditioned the Revel F228Be, and thought the sound was a little forward for my taste.

I did look at the Revel F228Be. The Salon 2 is out of my price range as well as the size may be a bit much for my space. Aesthetically I prefer the Sonus Faber and Focal. Then again who knows if I see them in person.

Just a thought, the Studio 2 is a scaled down version, that may work. I was hoping to hear a pair but have yet to find any to audition. My understanding is Revel is phasing the Studio 2 out. Possibly a new pair could be acquired at a discount. Aesthetically I agree the Focal and Sonus Faber are more pleasing.

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Yeah unfortunately, I don’t believe you can still get studio II’s anymore. I would check out the 328be but I’m not sure what your price range is.

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