UPDATE: Von Schweikert Anniversay 5SE's Pick-up moved to 11/29 (see my last post)


…that are located 3 islands South from me on Oak Island. Got them for under 1/4 Blue Book. Seller has become absolutely addicted to golf and is dumping his entire system (and, I mean dumping). Money apparently is not the issue.

If you are interested in Sonic Frontiers and other classical equipment - let me know. Martin is emailing me a complete inventory of what he has.

I am riding down to Oak Island this weekend with a friend who owns a moving company. No, I do not have to go via boat. I will take plenty of photos of what he has for sale. After speaking with Martin, I can inform you that he is NOT a digital guy. I believe he has donated his extensive LP collection to the UNCW library. Damn, a week too late.



I’m anxious to see the list.



Will post!


I miss my Sonic Frontiers equipment. I am tempted. :slight_smile:


@elk I am getting an inventory and I will take photos when I pick up the Anni 5SE’s


I bet you will love the Von Schweikerts. For years I have owned a pair of VR IVjr’s and they have been wonderful – unfortunately, my room is too small to try any of their larger models.


@magister My current speakers are the Von Schweikert VR4SR MKII’s. Have had them for just under 4 years. Bought them from Albert after an audio show. They were shipped directly from the show to a local terminal for pick up.

I love them. But, time to move up the ladder and impossible to pass up this deal.

birddogthecat said: impossible to pass up this deal

Oh yes!


I’m interested!


Got you covered


I have hade several PM’s as to Martin’s inventory. Last night I received the following email I have not figured it all out yet, but at least it is a beginning:

“Christopher, here is a list, When I started thinking about selling I joined the Audiogon blue book for a month just to get an idea of the values of the eq. I was selling. That was in late August.

Sonic Frontiers line 3 Retail $4995 Blue book $2610 However my preamp had all the mods from parts connection

” " phono sig. " $1695 " $910 " " " " “

” " SFT1 " $2295 " $810 Never even tried it just sitting in the rack

Mark Levinson 433 $10,000 " $6130 200 W x 3 3 channel amp

Von Schweikert Visium $4000 " ? none sold, no blue book value

SVS PB13 Sub $1599 " $1390 Not a bad Sub

Proceed 100 W amp I use for the center channel I don’t know the values?

Various cables etc.

Those Blue Book values are not what I’d be asking, There just a guide."

That is all I know so far.


I would pay 2500 for the Sonic Frontiers Pre + shipping if he throws in the SUB.

You are probably a better negotiator than me though so perhaps you can do better?

Do you know what cables he has?


… golf. ^#(^


Yup, @wglenn has got it right. Martin is out playing golf until the cows come home. I shall call him this evening and find out what his email means and how he wants pursue sales, offers, etc.


Golf is indeed a wonderful game, hobby and sport. The added exercise and exposure to vitamin D is also good for us.It is a very challenging sport as we are ourselves the principal opponent.

I have friends that think about little else. They probably wonder about my “indoor” hobby with a bit of wonder too.

They appear to be very content with their Bose “Hi-Fis”.

I used to be like that about “kitty-cats” until they started calling me SIR!


Talked to Martin. I will post photos, descriptions, and ASK next weekend. He has much more than in the email including Mark Levinson (pre-Harman International sale).

Hang in there guys. Doing the best that I can + I am way behind in making cables.


Bird- Congrats on your 5 Annis! GREAT speaks.


UPDATE: Pick up is Friday 11/29. I will have inventory, photos, & ASK posted by Monday 12/2. Sorry about all the delays, but Martin is a golf addict "sine qua non."

Martín…step away from the golf clubs.


At least whacking the white pellet is pretty harmless.