I'm Still Frustrated by Qobuz

Can someone explain in detail to me the sonic differences between these two: I am copying exactly from the ROON versions information.

Tidal Flac 48kHz 24 bit, MQA 192 khz
Qobuz Flac 192khz 24 bit

I am assuming that I selected the ‘highest res’ from each. The album is Debussy-Rameau Vikingur Olafsson. I rarely play classical but @kcleveland123 temped me to compare Tidal streaming to Qobuz. Tidal sounds fanastic, Qobuz skipped and stopped.

Sounds like a network problem. Could be bandwidth, latency or dns. All can cause this issue.

Some is within your control and much is not.

Just enjoy Tidal.

Or try another DNS server like

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I am not familiar with that particular recording but, all things being equal, Qobuz sounds materially better than Tidal in my system on the several tracks where I have compared the two services directly.

Also, how are you feeding Roon to your system? I do not use Roon but, from what I have read, the Roon software can decode MQA, but only the first so-called MQA ‘unfold.’ In this case, I would expect the first unfold to be from 48kHz to 96kHz. (If you are using the Bridge II in conjunction with Roon, then I believe the Bridge II could perform the second MQA unfold to 192kHz.)

So, if you are getting a lossy MQA-based 96kHz on the Tidal version, that would be yet another reason why I would expect the presumably lossless 192kHz version on Qobuz to sound better (everything else being equal).

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Give that Roon is controlling both Tidal and Qobuz in your environment, I would suggest trying a different song to see if the problem still exists. Does this happen on more material from Qobuz? If this is a network issue within your home I would think you would have issues on both Tidal and Qobuz.

Now regarding the sound my advice is to listen to both and decide which you like. For me I have found certain songs sound better on Tidal and certain songs sound better on Qobuz.

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I have both Tidal and Qobuz in my Roon configuration. Qobuz always sounds better. I don’t like MQA because it sounds “off” to my ears. There’s something off in your configuration because Qobuz works flawlessly. I would log out and reenter your credentials in Roon.

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Over here subscribed to Tidal & Qobuz years ago at their launch in the Netherlands. Except for rare server outages both always play solid as a rock, no skipping or whatsoever.
Prefer Qobuz for SQ.

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Stilllllll waiting for QoBuz in Canada…Anybuddy have any insider info on such?

See the Official Audiphile Style Qobuz topic for more info. Otherwise ask the also participating Qobuz spokesman David Craff.

Just use a VPN with a U.S. server. After you’re set up Qobuz doesn’t care. They’ll accept international credit cards with no problem.


I have skipping issues running hi-rez files on Qobuz if they exceed a certain rate-per-second (3000 kbps and up) during certain times of day or if there’s anything else streaming in the house … Just a problem with the quality of my service, but just once in awhile.

I will try another DNS.

I really find it hard to evaluate Qobuz because the higher res tracks stop playing after 10 to 25 seconds. I think my less than discerning ears (which can’t pick up on obvious differences between the two) would be happy with Tidal if that was my only option. Of course, I would be saving $13 per month (and I will probably go back to Tidal $9.99 /mo).

Will wait to see if a DNS change makes a sonic difference.

Plays fine for me. Has to be network related. Not a particularly clean data transfer for the Hi Res version with noise in the right channel while standard version is clean.

Yeah, VPN is a good solution.

Many VPN services charge so that will add to the cost.

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You only need the VPN to set up the account. I maintained a UK account for years with a US based IP after setting it up with a UK based VPN.


I’m very happy with Qobuz. It’s my pick over Tidal having spent a good chunk of time with both. The only time I get skipping is when I’m trying to get data rich songs with a diminished wireless signal on my phone. It’s rare, but I will just adjust the data required and listen to it in less than a high resolution until my signal goes back to strong. Nothing is worse than skipping.

My 2 cents, Qobuz working great for me.