Infinity Speaker Renovation - Completed

Henrik’s Renovation of Infinity
The speakers have been through a major renovation. Among other things. much of the wood has been replaced, new fabric frames have been made and the fabric is new.
The cabinets are sanded down and professionally lacquered in silk matt UV-resistant lacquer. Everything is tested and measured through. New metal plates have been made for the control part, with reprinted graphics (weather with time) and at the terminals at the back, also with reprinted text.
The foam clothing is new, and the same as the original …
The renovation alone has cost around DKK 15,000.

Thanks to the band tweeters EMIT and midrange EMIM (same as Infinity at this time used in their top models IRS), they have an incredibly natural reproduction of vocals, and the bass unit is special, with two swing coils respectively. 4ohm and 2ohm in the same unit, and they reproduce a typical for American 70s, heavy and deep bass.
I have the two golden infinity logos, but have just not mounted them on the seed fabric yet.
I do not imagine that anywhere in the world is there a set of RS 2.5 in the same or better condition than these, and most of the parts that pass with age have been changed to new, so they will probably remain fine for many years to come.


Nice work

Beautifully done…great craftsmanship!!

Many years of great listening forthcoming…for sure!!!

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Henrik will also renovate my Infinity RS 3B and my RS 2B. I’ll probably have to put up some photos when they are finished this winter

Renovation of Infinity

My first Infinity from 1977 - Quantum Line Source / QLS-1

More love Michael


Nicely done…

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Beautiful! Nice looking speakers. I love all of those soft-dome mids in that last set…

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Michael besides being quite an accomplished photographer
you have an awesome collection of beautiful Infinity speakers,
like the ones I got audition in a B&M store that had the seemingly
to me the entire line, driven by Marantz ss gear of the day
from receivers 2240, 2250, 2275, model 3200 preamp with model 250
stereo amp…

What an amazing experience that was for me…first time ever
hearing Infinity speakers…

Thanks for sharing so much of you work with us.

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