Infinity QLS-1 + PS Audio gear

I came across a pair of Infinity QLS-1’s, completely restored by a person well versed in speaker engineering and restoration. I’m considering making an offer for them, but I’m hesitant. I own the Stella GCD and M700’s and would like to know if they are an appropriate match for such speakers?

I wouldn’t be playing them more than moderately loud and fully realize that they need a lot of wattage to get them moving. Since Paul is using the big brother on steroids version of what I currently own, would acquiring the QLS-1’s be a bad/ok/good match for my gear?

Has anyone out there had any experience with these speakers?
Here are some of the specs:

QLS-1 Quantum Line Source Series 4-Way Speaker

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Power Rating: 100 watts RMS Minimun
Crossover Frequencies: 200, 600, 4kHz
Frequency Response: 18Hz-32kHz +/-2dB

NOTE: Woofer has dual voice coils, solid red wire is 4 ohm pos.,
solid black wire is 2 ohm pos.

8x - EMIT Tweeters, 4 through 32kHz
6x - 1-1/2" (3.8cm) Dome Midrange, 600Hz to 4 kHz
1x - Midbass Coupler, 200 to 600Hz
1x - 12" (30.5cm) Infinity/Watkin Dual-Drive Woofer, 18 to 200Hz

Dimensions: 5-1/2’H x 15"W" x 18"D


Hey Mark - While I don’t have the same loudspeakers, I have a pair of Infinity Reference IIB’s and the Stellar Gain Cell DAC, M700’s and the DS DAC, and they have more than enough power in my opinion to drive them. I usually listen anywhere between 20-30 on the Stellar GCD, and rarely more than 50. (I also have 2 REL S/5 subs to get the low end that the Infinity’s are not able to reach)

That’s good to know. I’ve read so many opinions on any number of ways to run them, so I thought it was worth the time to inquire on this board. They are large, to be sure; but that array looks really enticing. I myself prefer more musical fill at lower volumes, than having to crank it up to achieve the same effect. Thanks for you insight.