Interesting Article on Hearing and Brain Health



Amazingly suggestive of links we don’t understand.

Well, hell. Here I was worried about being a lazy, fat, stressed, chain smoking introvert.


What? :wink:

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All you have to do is stop cranking the tunes, and its all good bruh.

Heresy …

Given that you have a BOC tat, I’m assuming you’re a lost cause ; )

Correct. And happy to be “lost”.

The plus side being you can apparently regain stuff by getting hearing aids. I imagine you can get them custom painted… ; )

A friend of mine has awesome ones that are app-operated, Music settings, custom EQ, etc.

Thanks much beef, those articles apply to my mother seriously and this matter is a very actual one in a lot of conversation within my extended family.


The whole notion is a bit of a stunner to me. The implications are pretty crazy.

Market opportunity? :thinking:
Audiophile hearing aids for the non-hearing impaired. DSP, EQ, and much, much, more!

Nuh-uh. Not until they can implant a hi-fi endpoint in my skull. Not holding my breath on that one in my lifetime.

Kurzweil’s “The Singularity is Near” was, what…15 years ago?

BTW…how did it get to be the Eve of 2020?

“In the year 2525…” ; )

I made it to 75. Based on my misuse of Bayesian probabilities, I am predicting that I will run out of component money before any hearing loss.

Bose has patent applications for ‘hi-fi’ hearing aids and is rumored to have a prototype in trials. They are waiting for the FDA to finalize guidelines for clinical approval which may take through 2022. I wait with bated breath.

I’m waiting for the Beats audiophile hearing aides with upgraded synergistic research battery holder and rhodium coated contacts.

Also I think that article is fake news from the failing NY times. LOL (I couldn’t resist)

So does that mean deaf people have a higher incidence of dementia?

Got me. Doesn’t necessarily follow, I would think, assuming deafness since birth. Not to mention it generally not being a “modifiable” risk factor.

As a side note, this is the second time this morning I’ve noticed that when one uses the “quote” function to reply to someone who was quoting from something else (as I was), it now looks like the quoted Forum member was the one who wrote/said it.